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Ziplist Online Printable Coupons Have a Social Media Twist

Appealing to the multiscreen grocery shopper


ZipList.com has developed a mobile coupon app.

Online printable coupons for groceries have been around for a while. The ZipList company has developed a a business model to deliver digital coupons through their mobile coupon app.

Updated January 16, 2013

Printable grocery coupon and shopping list sites and apps seem to be coming out of the woodwork so there isn't a week that goes by where I am not presented with a storyline for a new twist and making grocery shopping easier along with give you grocery deals.

Online Printable Coupon Web Sites

MyGroceryDeals , according to John Scott, co-founder, "is a shopping site that focuses specifically on helping the grocery shopper match what they need with the hottest local supermarket deals." A downside currently is they do not have an iPhone or Android App. However MyGroceryDeals is targeting the college shopper segment with a Facebook app called MyGrubfindr . Millenials are hyper-socially connected and using Facebook as a portal may be a good idea since many millenials have Facebook as the primary page on their computer or an App running on their smartphone.

Savvy Penny takes a different approach and installs in-store kiosks and in-aisle touch pads for consumers to get relevant in-store grocery deals. The system is appealing to those who do not have smartphones… initially registering your cell phone number at the front of the store kiosk is all you need to do. However it does not provide a shopping list generator so you still need the old paper list.

ZipList is a digital recipe box and meal planner… so it combines the list, matching the deals and is cross platform enabled. Your lists and deals follow you from your computer to your tablet to your smartphone…. Seamlessly. That is the advantage of any cloud based platform.

Consumer Path To Purchase Mobile Coupons Adds Complexity

ZipList solves the Challenge of the Multiscreen World, … you know… the computer.. your tablet and smartphone. This is the first digital couponing brand that works with multiple platforms and adds a large dose of social sharing, so I called the company to get some quick answers.

When was Zip List founded?

ZipList launched Feb 2010, and was acquired by Conde Nast in April 2012.

What was the founders journey? In other words, what was the problem Geoff saw in the market and how was the idea born?

The company was founded by serial tech entrepreneur, dad, and husband, Geoff Allen, who had his 'aha' moment when he went out and forgot to buy a bottle of wine. He imagined he wasn't the only one finding himself fed up with buying the wrong items, wandering the aisles like an aimless nomad or forgetting his shopping list, so from there ZipList began. He saw an opportunity in making the tedious process of grocery shopping simpler and easier for consumers everywhere.

What is the brands Unique Selling Proposition that makes it different from the other grocery list sites?

For example I recently wrote about MyGroceryDeals.com Why should someone download the app vs. another app? We only have so much in the way of screen realestate on our smartphones.

ZipList is available anywhere and everywhere you are, and includes a wide range of features wrapped into one product. We are available across different mediums (web, mobile, apps) and anywhere across the web from our recipe clipper bookmarklet for non-partners to over 10,000 bloggers using our save recipes tools and 250 partners with a shopping lists and recipe boxes powered by ZipList. We also have several integrated tools (meal planning, list, checklists, deals, recipes, etc) that all work very closely together to help users save time and money.

Ziplist looks like one big social sharing platform and they make it easy with various Ziplist browser add-ons and social sharing buttons. Pinterest is really hot so they even allow Pinterest fans to "zip" over recipes. If you have heard the term crowdsourcing, this is it in action!

How did you compile the data? 2 million is a lot! This appears to be a great "crowdsourcing" example.

To compile our data, we took a look at information including what recipes were the most saved to users' recipe boxes, added to shopping lists the most times, viewed the most on our website and mobile assets, most liked/clicked on social channels and more. It was a combination of hard metrics from user engagement and social & email interaction and behavior. We were very interested in what our users were finding the most interesting based on season, time of year, channel, and device. We also wanted to share our findings with our audience (both partners and users) so that they can enjoy these 20 fabulous recipes. We hit our 2M user milestone in November and have over 2.3M users today.

Are Specialty Food Brands and Artisan Food Brands Using Digital Couponing?

If you are using digital couponing in any form, drop me an email at foodbeverage@aboutguide.com and tell me how you are using them. I just might blog about your brand!

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