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Krispy Kreme’s Digital Strategy

All all about making it easier for customers to use the brand


Krispy Kreme Coffee Bliss Celebrates the brands 75th anniversary.

Krispy Kreme Coffee Bliss Celebrates the brands 75th anniversary.

Krispy Kreme

I interviewed Dwayne Chambers, Chief Marketing Officer at Krispy Kreme to learn more about their Digital Strategies in Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo).

We hear a lot about Digital ROI, yet there appears to be no agreed upon metrics for this. How do you measure ROI in digital and social?

Dwayne said "The brand was built on word of mouth and we have not been a big spender on traditional media. Today digital is the WOM for many generations and this is how people naturally talk about us. Everything they do with digital has to answer the question 'how do we engage with our consumers as a brand".

Really caring… those are the customers that become brand evangelists and that equates to passionate customers. Dwayne doesn't agree that anything worthwhile can always be measured and suggests that the biggest challenge is measuring "passion". Dwayne had a great analogy "Tell me how your wife loves you? Ultimately in the end there is some level of the qualitative in this. Social WOM for us goes beyond just measuring the number of occurrences of 'KrispyKremeLove' on Twitter." Dwayne had a great way to measure passion: when many customers pick up a box of Krispy Kreme at the drive thru, they dive into the box and grab one for themselves!

How do you get to the Why?

Dwayne is always interested in the 'Why'… the Why is what we call Motivation in consumer behavior. So how do you get to the 'Why' at Krispy Kreme?

"There are some analytic approaches. If you do a survey and ask consumers about their ideal Krispy Kreme experience, they will talk about attributes such as price, cleanliness, etc. However if you delve deeper as what benefit do you get from this… you might hear that this is a place I can bring my family. Then we ask what benefit do you get from bringing the family? We might get the real reason …'because I feel like a better Dad'" This is where it gets interesting since most consumers don't think about the emotional aspects of why they do what they do.

Content Marketing is a lot of work and many corporations do it poorly. I just noticed the Krispy Kreme Blogger Summit. Can you comment on how this worked for the brand?

"It worked out really well. Why did we do this?...

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