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How to Create Brand Evangelists

Develop a Strategy of Consistent Customer Delight


Gladworks ,a Rhode Island based marketing, social media, and PR firm.

Gladworks , a Rhode Island based marketing, social media, and PR firm.

This is a guest article from Gladworks , a Rhode Island based full service graphic design, web design, web development, drupal development, eCommerce, iPhone app development, marketing, social media, and PR firm.

What is a Brand Evangelist?

Brand evangelists are people who sing your praises… everywhere. We've all been one at some point in our lives. Just think back to the time when you had an amazing dining experience--the food was delicious, the wait staff was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive and you had a wonderful time. That was an evangelizing experience and you went out into the world and recommended that restaurant to others.

Brand Evangelists are the Influencers in the increasingly important Word of Mouth Conversation. Because word of mouth is extremely influential when it comes to the buying cycle and it is extraordinarily effective in getting new customers into your restaurant.

Build Brand Evangelists from the Inside and Work Outward

When creating brand evangelists it's good to start from the inside and work outward.

Who has the most contact with your customers? Your staff! Therefore it is crucial that they are your biggest and most enthusiastic fans. That enthusiasm will radiate to your customers as well as the many other people they meet when they're not at work.

Make sure you as the food entrepreneur provide the means for your staff to try everything on the menu so they portray knowledge of the food and make recommendations to your customers. Your staff needs to feel invested and appreciated since their happiness at work will shine through as they interact with your diners. Service with a genuine smile is pure gold and it has a big impact on how customers perceive your business.

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