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Get on the Shelf and on to the Consumers Plate


Getting a food idea out of the kitchen is just the first step. It takes more than great taste to be successful in the food business. The statistics point to half of all new food products fail in 2 years. The resources here describe the next important steps to get a product on the shelf and on to the consumers plate. Read about successful product launches from the big and small brands and gain insight on key consumer food trends all of which helps keep a brand competitive in today's food and beverage environment.
  1. Memorable New Product Launches
  2. Specialty Food Business Success Stories
  3. Social Media in Food

Memorable New Product Launches

It is not the launch that is important. What is important is "does the customer remember the new product when they enter the grocery retailer". A critical step to successfully starting or growing a food business is creating the go to market plan to convince retailers to give you shelf space. Consumers are skeptical these days so you have to convince the shopper to vote with their dollars by trying a new product and then coming back that second time for a repeat purchase. Read about successful new product launches to get from kitchen to cash faster!

Specialty Food Business Success Stories

It is not just the big guys that successfully launch food and beverage products. See how these food entrepreneurs did it.

Social Media in Food

Tasty Tips and Techniques and the latest trends in Social Media in consumer foods. It is all about how Relevant your social media message is and the Value perceived by th consumer.

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