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New Product Launch - Take a Position

5 Steps to Positioning Food and Beverage Products


Positioning Statements Don't Have to be Complex

Positioning statements are a way to concisely communicate to web designers, people designing your packaging and your advertising what they need to do. Without this, they are flying blind and on your dime!

I outline 5 Steps to Positioning Food and Beverage Products which will help you determine if your product is really different.

Step 1 - To [the target customer with a problem or need],

Step 2 - [your brand] is the [frame of reference],

Step 3 - -that is the [benefit oriented point of difference]

Step 4 - evidenced by [product features]

Step 5 - The Reason to buy [your brand] is [what?]

If you want to see an example of how you can use this to create a better food and beverage web site, see Food 101 - Small Business Marketing. 5 Step Product Positioning.

Tips for Starting a Food Business

I have laid out a 5 step to increase your success in new product launch of a food or beverage... this plan can change the direction of a branded food. Take some time, quiet time to go through each step. Be prepared to go back and forth a dozen times or more. It is worth the effort since you will have something that gives you direction.

Don't spend a dime on web sites, email marketing, advertising or new product launch until you create your food brand positioning statement.

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