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Product Protection

Protecting Your Product until it’s in the Hands of the consumer


Package Machinery Company

Package Machinery Company

Package Machinery Company

Product Protection- protection/transportation/handling/distribution/primary and secondary packaging

The packaging industry is always seeking innovative packaging solutions to insure your product needs to get from your facility to the consumer in the same condition as when it left your facility - fresh and intact. In order to protect your product throughout the supply chain, this requires close consideration of your primary packaging -or materials used to package the individual, saleable unit - and secondary packaging - materials, typically corrugated box or pallet wrap, used to bundle several individual products for shipment and/or displays.

Food and beverage products have very specific needs to be considered in the package design and development process. Common packaging solutions include materials such as glass, rigid and flexible plastic, aluminum, and cardboard, sometimes in combination. These are each preferred for specific food applications, but there is overlap. For example:

o Bag-in-box packaging applications are used for both food (cereal) and beverages (wine)

o Aluminum is suited for cans of soda and to give food containers a premium look and feel.

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