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Farmers Markets - Food Entrepreneurs in Action

See food entrepreneurs getting from Kitchen to Cash - fast!


Vail Farmers Market - Case Study

I covered the Vail Farmers Market to see how to market your product as a food entrepreneur - farmers market effectively get food and beverage products on to the consumer's plates. Farmers Markets are a great way for food entrepreneurs to make a sales pitch directly to the consumer effectively and inexpensively.

The Local Food Movement is growing and small food businesses are inherently local so why not sell at a venue where customers are craving unique local foods!

You can see my short video tour,The Vail Farmers Market, and of examples of retail food products that are using the local farmers market to establish brand credibility to pitch the retail buyer to get their products on the shelf. These food entrepreneurs are probably just like you.

More on Selling At Farmers Markets

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The Food Entrepreneurs Featured

For more information on these food entrepreneurs, see the links and brief descriptions here:

Pasta More - Artisan pastas with olive oil and fresh herbs

Lorendonnas -Marinated Cheeses and Tapenades. Only vendor at the Vail Farmers Market to use the new retail QR codes

Hi-T Hawaiian Crispy Wafers -low-cal wafer cookies created by Tammy Yoshimura who brought the traditional Japanese snack to Colorado after moving from Hawaii. Great flavors like Caramel Cinnamon, Raspberry Chocolate, Roasted Sesame Seed. Tammy started the business from her grandfather's recipe.

Minnie Beasley's Cookies Lace Cookies - "Gifty" cookies packed in upscale tins perfect for holidays and corporate gifts

Noosa Yogurts - According to Noosa "We Aussies are famous for embracing other cultures, then adding our own little twist to make them our own. (It's not "stealing," it's "being inspired." There's a difference!)"

Do some Research

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