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Starting and Running a Food Business

Get from Kitchen to Market to Cash faster and more profitably with these great food entrepreneur tips.
  1. Crowdfunding (20)
  2. Farmers Markets (6)
  3. Food Brokers (2)
  4. Food Entrepreneur Success Stories (8)
  5. Food Packaging Design (29)
  6. Getting into Production (12)
  7. How to Sell to Grocery Stores (10)
  8. Mistakes to Avoid (2)
  9. Social and Digital Marketing (3)

A Step By Step Outline for Creating Your Crowdfunding Script
Your crowdfunding pitch is really your story and  needs to attract donors who always want to get in on the ground floor. Use this template to develop your crrowdfunding script.

Clients Corner - A Local Retail Bakery Wants to Grow into Supermarkets
I have a new client at The Foodpreneur who called the other day and said “Hi, my name is Cindy and we own a small bakery and we want to sell our products into grocery stores and supermarkets. Can you help us?” Well of course! So we started the process and I wanted to give you a sneak peek into the first stages of what I call Recipe for Success

Tips for Developing Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns 3
Why do some crowdfunding campaigns exceed their goals while the vast majority falls short? We review what Sweet LuLu's and Louisville Vegan Jerky’s campaign could have done better in their Indiegogo fund raising campaign. 

Tips for Developing Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns 2
Why do some crowdfunding campaigns exceed their goals while the vast majority falls short? We review what Just Be Kitchen and  Richmond Food Coop could have done better in their Indiegogo fund raising campaign. 

Tips for Raising "Dough" Using Crowdfunding
Your crowdfunding pitch needs to attract early adopters… people who always want to get in on the ground floor.

Tips for Attending a Food Trade Show
Be smart at food trade shows! Don't pound the trade show pavement unless you read these money making questions - Part 1 of How to Plan to Attend a Tradeshow

Clients Corner - Food Shelf Life Testing and Product Fullfillment
Tips for getting into production, Production and Fulfillment ideas

Tips for Attending a Food Trade Show Part 2
Money making questions to ask distributors, retailers and food brokers at trade shows - Part 2 Plan to Attend a Tradeshow

What Do I Do First When Starting a Food Business
The beginning phase of starting any business is overwhelming. Here is the path so you feel as if you have a plan and can get it accomplished.

5 Steps to Get Your Product On Store Shelves
Overcome the challenges of expanding food distribution for your small food business with these 5 tips from a real food entrepreneur. You can't grow your business doing your own distribution.

Questions to Help You Start or Grow Your Food Business
Are you a struggling Food Entrepreneur? Why? Because you did not address the Critical Questions of Desirability, Feasability, Viability

Critical Questions To Answer Before You Spend Money Part 2
Critical questions to ask when you are starting a food business.

How to Sell Your Food Product to Stores
Are you a small food business having trouble selling to retailers? A foodpreneur is using the Williams and Sonoma Artisanal Market to sample customers

Why do great tasting products fail to perform on the retailer's shelf?
Sometimes great tasting products fail to perform on the retailer's shelf despite promotion activities. Why?

The Foodpreneur Beginning Tips for Starting a Food Business
See how The Foodpreneur Gets Your Product Idea Out of Kitchen and on to Your Consumer’s Plate

The Foodpreneur Works With New Food Entrepreneur
See how a food entrepreneur focuses on The Business Side of the Food Business for success

Devotion Vodka Grows on the Gluten Free Trend
Devotion Vodka founder Drew Adelman Founder uses tenacity, his personality and solid marketing data to grow a spirits business. You can learn from him.into sales at retail liquor stores.

Devotion Vodka’s Secret Sauce in Their Product
Eliminating sugars as a flavoring agent is Devotion Vodka’s key to success along with the founder’s tenacity, his personality along with solid marketing data in gaining market share.

5 Keys to Retail Success for Your Food Business
Follow these 5 Steps to obtain supermarket distribution for your small artisanal food brand from the founder of Green Mountain Mustard.

Critical Questions to Ask Before Spending Money on Product Launch
Foodpreneur helped client, Wine Duets, with product development and new product launch of a line of tasty goodies that answer the question...Help! What do I serve with this wine? They’re the fun alternative to traditional cheese and crackers. Could you use some help?

Are You Ready to Meet the Press?
At the Foodpreneur we have five tips for food entrepreneurs preparing for a press interview from a top food and beverage PR consultant.

What Is Crisis Communications?
Public Relations Planning includes reputation management to handle product recalls and negative social media word of mouth.

A Compelling Cause Marketing Video Story from HumanKind Water
A Compelling Cause Marketing Video Story from HumanKind Water netted them Walmart retail distribution and help from the Walmart Buying and Merchandising team.

So You Want to Grow Your Food Business by Selling to Walmart?
Walmart is looking for that next new product to sell! The Get on the Shelf contest allows business owners and entrepreneurs to submit their products for a chance to be sold on Walmart.com and potentially in select Walmart stores.

Working with a Food Client on Brand Positioning
Periodically I write about my clients to give all of you inspiration and ideas in starting or growing your specialty food business. World Empanadas, founded by Lia Hurtz is a rapidly growing empanada store in Burbank, CA.

Restaurant Catering Marketing Ideas
So how do you go about marketing catering at your deli or restaurant? Incorporate these 10 Tips into your marketing plan.

Women Food Entrepreneurs are Ready to Grow Their Business - Big!
Investors pitches and retail buyer pitches are different so learn the difference for a successful food business.

Visual Marketing at the Retail Shelf
Visual Marketing at the Retail Shelf requires designing effective In Store Point of Sale, otherwise your product will not be noticed in the crowded supermarket shelf environment.

Food Marketing with Pinterest - A Recipe for Food Branding Success!
5 Easy Steps to using Pinterest for Visual Content Marketing to help start your Artisan, Local and Specialty Foods business.

Mommy Bloggers and Crowdsourcing
OK so how do you use crowdsourcing to follow food trends for new product planning. How about following Mommy Bloggers and listen for great product ideas.

Thinking of Selling Food to Walmart? Start with Goodies.Co
Starting an artisan or local food company? Entrepreneurs have a new way to sell their products online and with a social media crowdsourcing component. @WalmartLabs Goodies.com helps Walmart find great specialty food products.

Victorias Kitchen uses Storytelling Marketing
Victorias kitchen based their storytelling marketing around the founders grandmother and used pictures of her on packaging and marketing materials.

Building a Brand Identity Using Story Telling Marketing
Artisan and small food brand, see how Jack Rudy Cokctail Mixes increased sales by developing labeling that has a picture of thee founders grandfather.

How to Make Promotional Ideas Effective at the Supermarket
In-Store Retail Marketing is the lifeblood of the supermarket and for brands. Learn how to create Trial and Repeat Purchase AND create all important Impulse Sales.

How to Get Started in the Food Business - Advising a Client
I consult with people who want to get started in the food business... Getting out of the kitchen requires creating product positioning, working with copackers, knowing your competition, pricing your product to sell and developing a compelling sales pitch for the retail buyer.

How to Sell to Walmart? As the number 1 food retailer in the USA, many food...
How to Sell to Walmart? As the number 1 food retailer in the USA, many food entrepreneurs aspire to sell to Walmart. Shopper Marketing agency FUEL Partnerships outlines six steps to a Walmart sales pitch.

Sheets Energy Strips Walmart Shopper Marketing Program
FUEL built awareness through Shopper Marketing sparking interest with customers and creating brand engagement to establish a relationship between the product and the user. For the introduction of Sleep Sheets®, the agency launched the product at Walgreens by creating an exclusive promotion. On the energy side of the brand, FUEL partnered with...

Why Do Food Entrepreneurs Fail? They are Stuck in the Kitchen!
Why do food entrepreneurs fail? They get stuck in the kitchen, meaning they focus so intently on the “food”… thinking incorrectly that this is the path to success. Why does this happen?

Food entrepreneurs can use these 4 Steps of social media food marketing to...
Small Food Businesses can use these 5 Steps of social media food marketing to help cultivate an organic community around a brand or product. At the same time, few things have the power to capture people’s fancy and incite enthusiasm like good food and drink.

Creating a Successful Food & Beverage Sales Pitch
Your new food product is now ready to get Out of the Kitchen and on to the Retail Shelf. How your product tastes is NOT the most important factor element of your sales pitch. Successful new product launch requires an effective sales pitch to a retail buyer.

Mission: Small Business. Hype or Help in Funding Small Businesses?
Looking to fund your small food business. Here is an interview with a Esther Psarakis, a woman entrepreneur who founded Taste of Create. She recaps her experience and what she learned about funding a small business from the Mission: Small Business program. It was part hype and part help.

Build your food business with Twitter
Twitter helps you create your own branded 24 hour news cycle and allow you to have those critical one-to-one conversations with your consumers.

FDA Regulations on Food Health Claims
A Foodpreneur's Guide to Understanding FDA Regulations on Food Health Claims. It is not the most fun part of food package design but it is the law!

What is Content Marketing?
Starting a food business? Then, content marketing is a must for your Successful New Product Launche in the food & beverage sector. Food entrepreneurs are challenged with limited marketing budgets yet need to “get the word out”. More than social media and search engines optimization., carefully crafted content marketing plans allows you to...

Pure Gourmet Starts a Food Business in Frozen Gluten Free Desserts
Two women food entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to get from kitchen to market by riding on the meteoric growth of the gluten free dessert category. See how Pure Gourmet built a solid food business in the gluten free foods arena.

Online Accounting - A Recipe Running Your Food Business Successfully
Food Entrepreneurs can more easily pay attention to the accounting end of the food business with a host of inexpensive and easy to use online accounting systems.

A 3 Step plan for Social Media in Food
Social Media New Product Launch requires food entrepreneurs to focus on Brand Position, Content is King and Know Your Audience.

Food & Beverage branding strategy for Food - No Quick Fixes
Food entrepreneurs can create branding strategy by following 4 fundamentals for higher revenue and lower marketing costs.

Align your food brand with Whole Foods core values
Social Responsibility at Whole Foods goes beyond donations with community efforts to support local career camp

New Product Launch - Take a Position
Food 101 - Successful New Product Launches by using the 5 Steps to Positioning Food and Beverage Products

Be a Contributing Author on the Food and Beverage site
Would you like to be a contributing author on the About.com Food & Beverage site?

Restaurant Formats - Starting a restaurant? Here are the basics
Restaurant Formats - Starting a restaurant? Here are the basics of QSR, Casual Dining and Fast Casual

Food 101 - Small Business Marketing. 5 Step Product Positioning.
Create a Web Site using the 5 Step Product Positioning Statement for Your Food Business.

Starting a new restaurant? Look to Meltworks –Americas Next Greatest ...
Want to know how to start a restaurant? See how Meltworks – a grilled cheese fast casual restaurant concept will be Americas Next Greatest Restaurant

Food 101 - Small Business Marketing. 5 Step Product Positioning.
Better small business marketing happens the 5 step product positioning statement for your food business.

Food Shopper Insights: Planning for the Grocery Shopping Trip
Over 65% of consumers plan their food shopping trips with grocery shopping lists increasingly using internet and social media.

Cause Related Marketing
Cause Related Marketing

Private Label Strends -Strong Growth - Affordable, High Quality
Private Label Manufacturers Association continues to show the strength in Private Label Retail Store Brands.

Natural/Organic Food Selections Are Key to Retailer Choice for Baby Boomers
We all know the extent to which the Baby Boom generations has and continues to impact the economy, new product development and politics. They represent approximately 28% of the US Population and approximately half of total U.S. spending power (according to the Food Marketing Institute). However they are not homgeneous.

4 Myths About Social Media in Food, Debunked!
4 Myths About Social Media in Food, Debunked!

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Food Business
How to Make Social Media Work for Your Food Business Part 1

Todd’s Dirt Seasonings
A food entrepreneur develops rubs that make every day foods exciting to cook and eat.

Slim-Fast Combines Social Media and Word of Mouth
Slim-Fast Combines Social Media and Word of Mouth to Promote their 1 2 3 Program

The Journey to Placement on the Retailer's Shelf
Practical Tips for Getting on the Retailers Shelf

Don’t Write a Business Plan to Start Your Food Business
Tips on Getting Your Product Idea Out of the Kitchen with the One Page Business Plan

Idea to Opportunity Feasibility Template... The ADTV Model
Idea to Opportunity Feasibility Template. The ADTV Model.

How to Sell Food at Farmers Markets
Low cost food business startup idea – try a farmers market first. Tips from @buzzfarmers Amanda MacArthur can help you get going.

Starting a Specialty Food Business
Getting Started on Your Food Business Journey

Marketing Then and Now
Did you know that locally produced ads lack two things—good production values and emotion?Every purchasing decision has a strong emotional element to it.

CircleUp - Crowdfunding for Early Stage Food Businesses
Raising money for a small food company? Look to Crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding is the newest CircleUp pioneered the space.

The Fresh Diet
The Fresh Diet is diet delivery service focused on strictly fresh options to help consumer lose weight

Oh What a Charming Product
Grill Charms

From the Kitchen to the Shelf to the Consumers Plate
The essential elements for successfuly getting your idea out of the kitchen and ready for the retailers shelf and the consumers plate

A (Re)Fresher Look at Food & Beverage Packaging Basics
Food and Beverage Packaging has four roles, Product Protection, Product safety, Product Freshness and Brand Identity... integral to successful new product development and new product launch for food entrepreneurs starting or running a food business.

Gross Margin - How to Calculate
Here is a quick review of Gross Margin for the retail food & beverage sector

Want to be a Profiled Food Entrepreneur?
About.com Food & Beverage wants you to be a Profiled Food Entrepreneur.

Three Food Entrepreneurs Raised Capital via Crowdfunding
They did it! Read how you can source capital via the "Crowd" with Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding - Peer to Peer Finance for Small Business
Crowdfunding can work for foodpreneurs because the "crowd" understands consumer products better than investors or banks. Learn some basics of crowdfunding as a food entrepreneur.

Financing for small food businesses finally arrives
How to Fund a Small Food Business? Crowdfunding is a new way for Food Entrepreneurs to scale their business and to get the crowd to bring small brands to the next level. CircleUp is focusing on consumer products companies. Why? Because the crown shops and knows what is out there.

Rutgers Food Incubation Center
This unique food business incubation center has many resources for either startup or early stage food businesses. They have several Distance Learning programs available online.

Farmers Markets - New Product Launch the Easy Way
Getting on the shelf is the most difficult part of a Food & Beverage business. So how can you bypass the retailer? Try a farmers market.

National Association for the Specialty Food Trade
A great resource for food industry specific educational programs.

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