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Social Media, Customer Content Marketing from Pace Communications

The New Era in Custom Content Marketing


Pace Communications just released a study of supermarkets use of Social Media in their marketing mix. With Targets recent move toward increasing the food selection at all of its' stores to compete with the ever growing share of WalMart SuperCenters, it is no surprise that both are neck and neck with attracting followers. "Each has added over 500,000 followers to Facebook in the last four months," according to the Paces Communications study.

The national U.S. grocery chains actively embracing social media and the smaller players are trying to play catch-up. Social Media is an effort that appears simple on I's surface but requires tremendous resources, mainly people to actively listen and engage with the consumer. Pace calls this Custom Content Grocery Marketing which is part of a much larger trend in segmenting the product mix down to the individual store level.

Their point is grocery shopping is a predictable, and sometimes boring experience. Too many retailers look the same. Grocery store marketing is pretty much the same across the board, basically focusing on price and mostly in weekly printed circulars.

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