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Walmart Followers are Vocal about Local

My Local Walmart App gets Facebook Followers to Like Walmart More


Walmart Followers are Vocal about Local

My Local Walmart App on Facebook


Vocal about Local Walmart's New Local Strategy

Local is the big thing in the food and beverage sector at retail these days and there is even a name for consumers who focus on local…Locavores. In a bold moveWalmart Customers Can Now "Like Walmart" Stores They Love on Facebook viaMy Local Walmart App on Facebook which allows Walmart to get local with their 10 Million plus followers. Facebook's platform will allow Walmart to not only engage with customers in their neighborhood, they will also have a way through analytics to start capturing trends that are local and tailor the store merchandise accordingly. They have not released much information about My Local Walmart so we can only anticipate they may turn this into some form of social media loyalty program.

Word of Mom is a powerful today… a play on words for Word of Mouth due to the proliferation of Mommy blogs. Wonder if busy moms might be sharing info about local specials on My Local Walmart and doing this with their Walmart smartphone app?

Walmart's YouTube video How to Find your Local Walmart shows just how easy it is for their 10 Million Walmart Facebook followers to join in on the local savings.

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