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Crowdfunding websites give startup entrepreneurs a new way to fund a small business

Are You Seeking Funding for Starting a Small Food Business?
A recent crowdfunding success story is Eynealyze, founded by Michael J. Rasmussen, CPA. Michael is not a foodie but works with independent restaurants exclusively and recognized they had a problem and he had the solution.

Crowdfunding has more value vs. Traditional Funding for Entrepreneurs
Crowdfunding works since investors are also your customers… they get your product!

Crowdfunding… should you go Debt, Equity or Rewards?
Crowdfunding… should you go Debt, Equity or Rewards? Esther Pasarakis likes Kiva... she raised $5000 in 5 days!

Taste of Crete Uses Crowdlending Site KivaZip
Woman food entrepreneur raise $5000 in 5 days via Kiva.com. This will help fund new packaging and distribution to launch her business to the next step.


Are you seeking funding for starting a small business
Meg Carlson, CEO of Melt Organics gives you some tips on raising money via crowdfunding. She is the expert... raising over $1 Million via the Circleup equity crowdfunding platform.


Are Your Funding an New Food Business? Consider ProHatch.
Startup entrepreneurs will like ProHatch, one more in a series of crowdfunding websites, create the unique Phase to Raise, a series of 30 day funding cycles with 3 prescheduled milestone reports back to funders as the funds raised are put to work.

ProHatch Phase To Raise - A Better Way in Funding a New Business
Startup entrepreneurs will like ProHatch, one more in a series of crowdfunding websites

CircleUp - Crowdfunding for Early Stage Food Businesses
Raising money for a small food company? Look to Crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding is the newest CircleUp pioneered the space.

Three Food Entrepreneurs Raised Capital via Crowdfunding
They did it! Read how you can source capital via the "Crowd" with Crowdfunding.

How to Fund a Small Business? Crowdfunding is a new way for Food...
How to Fund a Small Food Business? Crowdfunding is a new way for Food Entrepreneurs to scale their business and to get the crowd to bring small brands to the next level. CircleUp is focusing on consumer products companies. Why? Because the crown shops and knows what is out there.

Crowdfunding - Peer to Peer Finance for Small Business
Crowdfunding can work for foodpreneurs because the "crowd" understands consumer products better than investors or banks. Learn some basics of crowdfunding as a food entrepreneur.

How to Fund Your Business with Crowdfunding
Want to raise $1 Million for your business in less than 8 weeks? Read how Melt Organics woman entrepreneur Meg Carlson did it!

Consumer Products VC Financing for Franchise Growth - Is it Viable
Consumer Products VC Financing for Franchise Growth - It is Viable? Venture capital for consumer products companies is virtually non existent. Crowdfunding facilitated by the new JOBS act may change this for millions of foodpreneurs.

ProHatch Launches Leilani & Kalani Crowdfunding Campaign
SBA loans? Nope! Seeking Angel Investors? You might wast your time. Consider a crowdfunding campaign to start your small food business. Why? Because this where your customers are!

ProHatch Launches with Five Crowdfunding Campaigns
Don’t go to the greedy banks! Try crowdfunding to start your small food business and ProHatch maybe the platform you consider.

Entrepreneurs are Starting Food Businesses with Crowdfunding
Lack of capital is the primary reason Why Food Entrepreneurs fail. This entrepreneur tells us his crowdfunding success.

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