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Domenick Celentano

How to Plan Innovative and Effective Supermarket Trade Promotions

By February 1, 2013

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Esther Psarakis, founder of Taste of Crete, was at the ShopRite Grocery Shipper Show at Raritan Center in New Jersey.

This show is for existing brands carried at ShopRite chain. Brands erect their displays at the show and ShopRite Co op Members and store managers are pitched to take these shippers into their stores supporting trade promotions. Shippers and Displays increase revenue and profits for the brands and retailers. Esther said "This is a way to expand the brand reach. We (Taste of Crete) are working on shipper designs for our Taste of Crete Wine Cookies"

Trade Promotions

In-Store Retail Marketing (trade promotion) is a necessity for most foods sold at the supermarket. Promotions stimulate Trial and Repeat Purchase. Most importantly they generate important Impulse Sales... products that are not on the grocery list yet land in your cart!

In-Store Displays

click for larger image

Chubby Shipper Type In Sore DisplayShipper-Type Promotional Displays or sometimes just referred to as "Shippers" are effective ways to increase trial and repeat purchase in the grocery store. They take all types of forms ranging from corrugated cases with a cut-out's like the Pretzel Crisp display shown here to pallet program displays like the picture of Chubby Carbonated Kids Beverages. The brand says that "Now with 25% LESS SUGAR! Chubby is a 250ml carbonated beverage targeted to children 4 to 9 years of age...".

So if you are shopping with the kids and you round the bend smack in front of you is huge display of fruit colored beverages with a topper... do you think you are leaving the store without buying some Chubby?

It Takes More Than Great Taste to Sell Food in Supermarkets

Pretzel Crisps in store POP.Retail Food Marketing focuses on many aspects of a brand, obviously taste is one. Notice how Chubby has a sign that tells retail buyers the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), 3 for $1.00 AND the Gross Margin, 34.6%. Those are called Merchant issues and without addressing, price and gross margin, you are not getting on the shelf no matter how great your product tastes.

How Can You Increase Sales with In-Store Displays?

Pretzel Crisps VP of Marketing Perry Abbenante, for Pretzel Crisps knows retail marketing, he was the Senior Grocery Director at Whole Foods Market headquarters in Austin, told me in an article on How to Make Promotional Ideas Effective at the Supermarket. The article is a great How To that should give you inspiration to get your products flying off the shelf and on to the consumers plate.


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