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Domenick Celentano

Ice Syrup Business Pitch

By December 29, 2012

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Our latest food business pitch is Ice Syrup from Sweet & Sticky Inc.  Made from Ice Wine, they say it is either a beverage or a food condiment, something you use to add unique flavors to your culinary creations. I like to critique business pitches so the food entrepreneur as well as you the reader can learn how to create compelling business pitches that can convert to Winning Retail Buyer Pitches to get your product on the shelf.

Ice Syrup food enhancer made from Ice Wine

What is the Customer Problem You Solve?

When articulating the unmet need or "market problem", it is best to be as simple and direct as possible. I think everything they articulate may be true, but the problem "... flavour-filled, versatile, exotic. allows the foodie new opportunity to expand creativity... alleviating  concerns... regarding genetically modified, filled with unknown additives or speckled with refined sugar derivatives." is too complex. A succinct statement needs to be created when pitching any retail buyer to have them quickly see "this is something they don't have" and envision why customers will want this before the buyer considers giving shelf space to the product.

So it could be something like "Consumers want new and interesting meal solutions, desire to indulge in creating their own meals and need components that help them create exciting, creative foods quickly and easily with minimal culinary knowledge".

What are your Products/Services?

Again this explanation is far too complex to get the buyer to say yes to shelf space... "100% NATURAL, 100% pure, Vegan Friendly, Halal Approved, NO added sugars, flavours, additives, preservatives, yeast, alcohol, gluten, or colours."

All of these are Features which can be addressed later in the buyer presentation. So when asked what is you product?... consider something easy to understand and since this is radically new, it needs to have a frame of reference so it can be easily understood.

So the product description could be something like " Sweet & Sticky Ice Syrup's are non-traditional condiments  in variety of flavors that pair well with foods that cooking enthusiasts can easlily incorporate into their meal preparation routine".

Sales/Marketing Strategy

Ice Syrup Facebook Comments

This product is perfect for a social media Awareness program... a visual marketing program is needed since this is really new and needs explanation on how to use and WHY you need it!

Just sitting on the shelf, for as attractive as the packaging is... won't cut it to move it off the shelf and in to the consumers basket. Pinterest and Youtube are the perfect choices for visual marketing and Pinterest in particular because they attract heavy influencers that attract numerous follower and "re-pinners"  that spread the word Virally. Facebook can work but the efforts belong on Pinterest and Youtube.

What else would you add to this business pitch... let me know your thoughts.


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