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Domenick Celentano

Dunkin Donuts is the Top Brand for branded food Social Gamification

By December 24, 2012

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Gamification - A Social Media Tactic for Your Food Brand

What People Will do for a Gift Card! Gamification is using games, sweepstakes etc. to get your brand fans involved and hopefully sharing what they win.

So Dunkin Donuts is the brand to follow if you want some inspiration on how to use Gamification on Twitter. So if you ignore the "silliness" for a moment, ever one of their winners will be sharing their "creative" photos... they now have a "social badge" to crow about.

So before you move to another blog post... Stop... consider how you can make your Twitter or Facebook campaigns fun and relevant to your brand... and consider the Share Hierarchy from Vince Ginsburg.


The Share Hierarchy

We all have heard "tell 2 friends and they tell to friends..." etc. Social media takes that ions beyond basic Word of Mouth.

The First Share is your original Tweet and the objective is not neccessarily converting them to a buyer. You want their reccomendation or Influence.

The Second Share is when the First Shares send your Tweet to their followers. This is the start of exponential sharing of your brand message.

The Third Share... well as you can see by any calculation that number is huge and some of those people will surely check out your content and maybe click through to become customers.

The #DDHoliDDContest Winner #1 Picture tells it all!