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Domenick Celentano

Clients Corner - Momma Lena's Featured on New Jersey Business Radio

By November 14, 2012

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So What is Internet Radio? You may be familiar Internet Radio with brands such as Pandora and iHeart Radio streaming a range of music that you don't need to download from the iTunes store.

The FoodPrenuer Domenick Celentano and Deb Hurley Momma Lenas Pound Cake New Jersey Business RadioJust Google Internet Radio and you will see a burgeoning business of entrepreneurs creating internet radio channels for every imaginable channel of interest. For smaller businesses these channels can provide a way to get the word out about your brand.

I networked with Chris Curran the Founder of New Jersey Business Radio who says his business is a "weekly one hour entertaining and educational resource for local NJ Business Professionals". He was intrigued with what I do and invited me to be on the show. Besides writing here my other business The FoodPreneur helps food entrepreneurs launch and grow specialty food businesses. He said it would be great if I could tell some client stories since stories are most interesting to his listeners.

Internet Radio for Telling Your Story

Woman food entrepreneur Deb Hurley launched Momma Lenas Eggnog PoundcakeSo I have to follow my own advice on storytelling rather than selling my features and benefits and decided to ask one of my clients Deborah Hurley, founder of Momma Lena's Egg Nog Pound Cake to tell her story on developing here specialty food business.

I met Deborah through through serving on the  OwnIt Ventures advisory board. OwnIt Ventures is an organization founded by Melissa Gasnick Cloeter. Melissa says "OwnIt Ventures is an innovative approach for women entrepreneurs to meet and market their companies, goods and services to Angel Investors, the Media, Retailers and Consumers.   Through an online community, Roadshows & Conferences, women entrepreneurs meet Angel Investors, Media Representatives, and Retail Buyers- connections you need for business and financial success." One thing leads to another and she asked me to help her on the food entrepreneur's journey of Getting Out of the Kitchen, Getting on the Shelf and Getting on the Consumers Plate.

How to Start a Food Business

I thought it would be great to follow the journey of Deborah in a series of "Clients Corner" blog posts since telling the story of a food entrepreneurs success will be inspirational for others who aspire to be food entrepreneurs.

We spent a fun hour talking about the food business , food trends, food shows to attend and some of the things Deborah is learning about a food new product launch. You can listen to the Podcast to hear the entire radio broadcast to hear a real food entrepreneur tell her story.

Pitching the Retail BuyerOwn It Ventures Conferences hlep women entrepreneurs pitch their consumer products businesses

Do you have a food product and want to pitch to investors, the media and retail buyers? If so look into the OwnIt Ventures Annual conference where you will be in front of decision makers that just may fund your business, promote it via PR and buyers who may be interested in putting your product on the shelf.


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