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Domenick Celentano

Small Business Pitch - Favorable Treats

By July 16, 2012

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Our small business pitch today is Favorable Treats founded by Junita Cathey and is in the early stage of a cookie dough launch and it is currently being sold in a small family owned store in her community. According to Junita's one line pitch "Favorable Treats is a boutique cookie bakery that specializes in creating custom edible solutions for all of your snacking and gift giving occasions." Junita found out about the Food & Beverage Small Business Pitch on Launch While Working's  Facebook group .

Favorable Treats sells all-natural, made-from-scratch cookie dough.The small food business pitch gives me an opportunity to provide valuable advice beyond the food entrepreneur clients I work with. Sales pitches to retail buyers are more complex than our pitch program so I am giving advice on the areas I feel need augmentation to improve the chances for any small food business to obtain funding and convince the retail buyer to give the brand shelf space.

You can read the Favorable Treats Small Business Pitch and add your comments here about what you like and how you would give Junita some tips on improving her pitch. Junita's pitch was well thought out and here are my comments for the Favorable Treats Pitch to get this product on the shelf and generating revenue faster!

One Line Pitch

Her one liner "Favorable Treats is a boutique cookie bakery that specializes in creating custom edibleFavorable Treats is a boutique cookie bakery that specializes in creating custom edible solutions. solutions for all of your snacking and gift giving occasions" is well written but does not does do justice to this really great concept.  There are far too many bakeries that can make the claim of customer baked goods for snacking and gifts and she has a far more differentiated product.

Another key point: are you pitching the bakery or the prepackaged cookie dough? It is important to determine this ASAP so you frame the remainder of your pitch.

What are your products/services?

"Our soft and chewy cookies create a nostalgic feeling... reminds you of your favorite memories of...". This begins to carve out the niche for the brand and should be part of the One Line Pitch. This does beg the question of why nostalgia and favorite memories? Consider stepping back for a moment and asking your customers in the store and your Facebook followers about this. Let them articulate the why, take the feedback and reconstruct this statement.  Why not speak to the customers with a message built on how they view your brand? This is part of the social media evolution where customers are defining the brand and not the company itself. One thing that is not apparent and should be addressed: it should be stated early on that this product is frozen.

Who is your target market?

"Women between the ages of 35-55 with an annual income of $55,000/year or greater...". Well it seems to me that the product represents solving the problem of making authentic cookies from scratch by prepackaging pre-portioned cookie dough that you pop out of the freezer and into the oven... or at least this is what I think.

The above being the case, your customer segments are more than just demographically defined. What else is it about your customers that makes them unique from let's say a lifestyle or family stage perspective. I can easily see this product appealing to more affluent customers as well. Could your customers also have a certain intimidation to baking that you eliminate for them?

Why should the retailer buyer give you shelf space?

You must focus on what makes you unique and importantly issues such as : What category do you fit into? The niche you fill in that category and your ability to show little to no direct competition? Baking trends? Your competition (be prepared to address why the consumer will buy your brand vs. the competition in the refrigerated aisle. If there are other frozen desserts that you may compete with, then what is the key for your brand to "stop the consumer" to get them to pick up your product. Lastly make sure you price is within the acceptable price point range for the category. Should you be 2x as much as competitive products, that could be a deal breaker.

Getting on the Shelf

Getting on the grocery shelf is challenging, frustrating and requires understanding what motivates the buyer.  Get some help in developing your food business pitch from experts in the field, other successful food entrepreneurs and networking groups like those Junita participates in. Many times you get only one or MAYBE two times to pitch your business & product so it pays to get it right the first time.

You can read the Favorable Treats Small Business Pitch and add tell me what you think?


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