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Saha Sauce Pitch for their Harissa ketchup

Pamela Ahtchi, passionate entrepreneur, committed to healthy and delicious foods


Saha Sauce Harissa Ketchup is a popular gourmet spicy condiment

Saha Sauce Harissa Ketchup is a popular gourmet spicy condiment, ketchup, and an essential mix-in ingredient. As an all-purpose, “everything” hot sauce.

Saha Sauce LLC
Updated July 12, 2012


Saha Sauce LLC Harissa Ketchup is an all natural, bold ketchup condiment and all purpose sauce used as a barbecue sauce, marinade for grilling chicken, beef and fish. It enhances flavor and taste experience as it pairs beautifully with many serving suggestions. Our products hit the store shelves in March 2012.

One-Line Pitch

Pamela Ahtchi, passionate food entrepreneur, is committed to creating healthy and delicious food products for health conscious consumers.

Business Summary

Saha Sauces LLC is produces condiments with a focus on all natural, pure ingredients with delicious and bold flavor. The mission of Saha Sauces is to transform ordinary ketchup to an extraordinary taste experience! Saha Sauces is active in educating, advertising, using social media, and hosting food demos in gourmet and health markets.

What is the Customer Problem You Solved?

There is a strong customer demand for all natural products that are bold in flavor, lower in fat and calories. Harissa ketchup makes home cooking and entertaining easy and fun, as the sauce secretly adds flavor to many favorite recipes.

How Will You Make Money?

The Ketchup is currently available in high end specialty gourmet markets, in CT, NJ, and NYC. Some larger supermarkets with stores located throughout the U.S. and Europe either have expressed interest or have committed to the product. In addition, we are awaiting confirmation from other local markets.

The product is currently in nine stores, showing significant shelf presence in six months. Markets will want to give shelf space to this beautifully packaged product that has a great logo, hang tag story, with pure ingredients and a fantastic flavor profile. There is no product that compares on the market. The ultimate goal is for this all natural ketchup, "everything sauce" to be on every supermarket shelf and on everyone's table across the U.S. Product presentations, demos, networking, and social networking continue on an ongoing basis to aggressively drive product exposure and growth as it relates to marketing, branding, demand, and supermarket presence. This is a segment of the condiment market is growing with minimal product competition.

What Are Your Products /Services?

Harissa Ketchup is a popular gourmet spicy condiment, ketchup, and an essential mix-in ingredient. As an all-purpose, "everything" hot sauce, it enhances the flavor experience pairing beautifully with many serving suggestions. It is all natural, no sugar, no salt added, and naturally gluten-free boasting only 22 calories per tablespoon, packed with bold flavor.

Who Is Your Target Market (your consumers)?

Our target market is the educated health conscious consumer who wants premium, healthy, gourmet specialty products. Reaching consumers throughout the U.S. who consistently use pure, organic and all natural products with no artificial preservatives and transfats is the long term target market.

Where Will You Sell Your Product?

Harissa Ketchup is already available in independent mid-size specialty retail markets and hope to be available in larger regional chain supermarkets like Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Trader Joe's who carry organic, sustainable, gourmet products.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

The strategy is to increase exposure and presence in targeted markets through product presentations promotions and demos, effective distribution channels, strategic partnerships, and use of social media.

What is Your Competitive Edge?

This is a segment of the condiment market which is growing with minimal product competition. This product offers the consumer a premium product with flavor and nutritional benefits like none other on the market. The market conditions are perfect for Harissa Ketchup's position in the condiment market for competitive pricing and high standards.

Why Should the Retail Buyer Give You Shelf Space?

This product represents a perfect shelf space fit given the consumer trend and demand for gourmet cuisine in restaurants, the popularity of media chef's recipes, Food Network, and the current healthy eating habits of many educated consumers. Consumers need a greater selection of healthy and delicious products.

Contact Information

Saha Sauces LLC, 261 South Main Street, #153, Newtown, CT 06470

Business Pitch Comments

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