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Women Food Entrepreneurs

Women food entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to start a food business. They know the meal preparation challenges that other women face every day. Since they know the problem first hand, they can create highly target solutions for other women and busy moms and are finding success in niche food businesses such as gluten free, better for you healthy snacks, organic baby foods and foods that kids love and moms know are healthy.

Women Food Entrepreneurs are Ready to Grow Their Business - Big!
Investors pitches and retail buyer pitches are different so learn the difference for a successful food business.

How to Fund Your Business with Crowdfunding
Want to raise $1 Million for your business in less than 8 weeks? Melt Organics woman entrepreneur Meg Carlson went to equity based CircleUp funding to get the job done.

Melt Organic Knows How to Sell to Whole Foods
Woman entrepreneur, CEO of Prosperity Organics, Meg Carlson tells us How to Sell to Whole Foods.

How to Get Started in the Food Business - Advising a Client
I consult with people who want to get started in the food business... Getting out of the kitchen requires creating product positioning, working with copackers, knowing your competition, pricing your product to sell and developing a compelling sales pitch for the retail buyer.

Business Pitch Kaf-Faux
Kaf-faux has the same rich satisfaction of coffee, but it’s actually super healthy, yet no one has to know you’re not drinking a macho cup-o-joe, because it looks just like coffee whether you add milk or not. So say goodbye to jangled nerves, acidy stomach and harmful dehydration of coffee, yet still charge on with your day with a delicious,...

Business Pitch - Build A Tray
Build a Tray™ Program is an interactive "eat right" program that teaches kids how to build a balanced meal. As students move down the serving line, they learn to match lunch items by food group (fruit, veggie, protein, whole grains, milk) and to place the right foods on the right spots on their food tray.

Small Business Pitch from Favorable Treats Cookie Dough
Junita L. Cathey founded Favorable Treats - selling all-natural, made-from-scratch cookie dough but really selling a nostalgic feeling of what you experienced as a kid. Well positioned as a “Favorable Treats reminds you of your favorite memories of yesterday while eating that favorite cookie.”

Ready Set Cupcake Business Pitch
These Women Entrepreneurs of Ready Set Cupcake show you a great business pitch: Ready Set Cupcake fills the niche of consumers wanting a quality product… the desire to bake it myself… without needing the skills of a baker.

Saha Sauce Pitch for their Harissa ketchup
Here is a food entreprenuer pitch from Pamela Ahtchi. This passionate food entrepreneur, is committed to creating healthy and delicious food products for health conscious consumers. She has gotten out of the kitchen and on to the shelf.

Mission: Small Business. Hype or Help in Funding Small Businesses?
Here is an interview with a Esther Psarakis, a woman entrepreneur who founded Taste of Create. She recaps her experience and what she learned about funding a small business from the Mission: Small Business program. It was part hype and part help.

Woman Entrepreneur Launches at Fancy Food Show
The Fancy Food is becoming a launch pad for more women food entrepreneurs. Dori Ross started Tonewood Maple 2011 in Mad River Glenn Vermont believing in all things maple.

Butter Lane Cupcakes Knows the Zero Moment of Truth
In the past, it was possible to have just an amazing product, but now the changing market and economy means a food entrepreneur has a lot more than just bake. There are so many tools today to get the word out that are free monetarily, of course they take time to implement.

Pure Gourmet Starts a Food Business in Frozen Gluten Free Desserts
Two women food entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to get from kitchen to market by riding on the meteoric growth of the gluten free dessert category. See how Pure Gourmet built a solid food business in the gluten free foods arena.

Working with a Food Client on Brand Positioning
Woman food entrepreneur creates a successful brand of fusion flavored empanadas... World Empanadas.

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