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5 Ways to Create Your Brand Story with "Backstories"


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Feel the Feelings - Write About Emotions
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits  and Jim Nantz developed The Calling, a wine with a message for life.

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits and Jim Nantz developed The Calling, a wine with a message ‘Unlock your calling in life.

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

Communication is about emotion. Find the emotion just as a method actor finds their motivation for the scene. Emotion is the cornerstone of Aspirational Marketing and your brand's story.

For their first collaboratively produced wine, Peter Deutsch, of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits who have been distributors and importers of wine for more than 30 years and Jim Nantz, Emmy Award winning commentator known for calling everything from the Masters Tournament, to the Final Four and the Super Bowl for the CBS Television Network since 1985, tapped their passion for wine.

Deutsch explains, "Serendipity brought us together one night at a restaurant in Connecticut where we both happened to be dining. I had recently finished reading Jim's best-selling book, "Always By My Side", and went over to introduce myself. Jim happened to mention his long-standing desire to enter into the wine business. We soon discovered that we shared a passion for wine and a deep respect for our fathers, both of whom served as our personal mentors. Through time, and many brainstorming sessions, we decided it was a calling at this stage in our lives to try something new. We realized we could team up and build something special. Our shared virtues bonded us as business partners," said Deutsch. "This is the first time the Deutsch name will be on a wine label as a producer. For us to make this historic first step for our family company, the situation had to be just right. This was the perfect confluence. We are thrilled to be presenting The Calling." The core message for their jointly produced wine, The Calling, is based on emotion. The wine's message, 'Unlock your calling in life. - Pursue your passion' is central to the wine's origin in a chance meeting, and decision to take the next step in each of their professional lives.

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