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5 Ways to Create Your Brand Story with "Backstories"


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Have Your Story Visualize Where You Were
BeerTubes sell the experience and fun of pouring your own beer at a restaurant.

BeerTubes sell the experience and fun of pouring your own beer at a restaurant. These self-serve table taps that deliver not only cold beer to the table but create a fun experience making everyone their own bartender.


In theater, it's called mise-en-scène, literally meaning to set the stage. As you "see where you were", what were the elements that "put you in that place?" What did they speak to you that is important to convey? Was there a significant person, place or spark? If you find these essential elements, you've found your touchstone.

For their table tap cold beverage system, David Stein and Jason Drum turned to the moment of inspiration that drove their Beer Tubes creation. "After a after a night of league bowling, two friends, David Stein and Jason Drum, were enjoying a post-game beverage. They told us, "It was a hot summer night and the once ice-cold draft beer was getting warm in the pitcher. Since we're always looking to solve the world's problems, our discussion quickly turned to ways we could keep beer cold for longer periods of time. We'd had seen a beverage "tube-like" concept (draft beer served in large vessels) and realized these tubes, if properly insulated, could keep the beer cold from beginning to end. From here, we arrived on the idea of a self-serve table tap by improving on the design and putting the tube in a Bowling Ball base." They literally took their experience of where they were, and what they were doing to help design their product and their company logo.

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