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5 Ways to Create Your Brand Story with "Backstories"


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Trace Your Origins in Your Story
Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water is based on David’s Meniane's French grandmother

A backstory for content marketing is Victoria’s Kitchen way to differentiate their artisan Almond Water. The label was designed to communicate emotions instead of features and benefits.

Victorias Kitchen

Pull the thread back to the earliest glimmer of where and when you began to think of the nugget of an idea that brought you the idea for this product.

When David and Deborah Meniane realized that they had a unique product that the market would love, they reached into their family tree and picked the persona of their company straight from its branches. Victoria's Kitchen, which produces Almond Water, is based on David's French grandmother, who made Almond Water for her family. Her image adorns the labels and her recipes are the foundation of the product. Deborah said, "Whenever we would serve Almond Water to our friends during barbecues or birthday parties, people would always fall in love with it. Our friends often asked us if we could make some for them to take home. This is when we realized we really had something special."

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