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5 Ways to Create Your Brand Story with "Backstories"


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The power of a story must drive your brand's development
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Cheryl Smithem develops integrated marketing and public relations strategies that help businesses engage their customers and grow their business.

Charleston Public Relations and Design

Everybody loves a good story: stories are a critical component in content marketing. Children clamor for them and gossipy folks thrive on them. Stories are the currency of shared legacy.

In ancient history people sat around the fire to hear their shaman or wise woman tell a story about the origins of the tribe.

Stories are the way we transmit information from generation to generation. They predate language, they endure. They contain essential elements that each person can relate to. They teach us about ourselves. It is no different today.

As a purveyor of food, beverages and comestibles, you can build on this. You canposition your product's brand on a significant story, myth or personal tale that allows you to convey the brands' features, benefits and attributes. Doing so links essential iconic elements from the story, myth or tale to the product.

Does my brand have a story?

Every brand must have one. Witness the extension of the local food movement towards "heritage" breeds of domestic farm animals and heritage seeds. By "harkening back" to days gone by, this movement has implied that these breeds and seeds are more authentic, or more nutritious, or more tasty. We see more and more brands carefully articulating their "backstory" and building it into their brand.

What is a Backstory

Merriam-Webster's defines it as:

A history or background created for a fictional character in a motion picture or television program.

Similar background information about a real person or thing that promotes fuller understanding of it.

Here are 5 ways to help you articulate and write your story and examples of entrepreneurs who have used their stories to craft their brands.

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  5. A backstory is a critical element in creating a brand. It appeals to your customers emotions and we really want our customers to have the emotional connection to our brand. Your competition can copy your features and benefits but not the emotional connection you establish with your customers.

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