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Does Your Digital Marketing Generate a Fatter Bottom Line

3 Steps to convert likes to bucks!


The Cheese Cave

The Cheese Cave Redbank New Jerey

Cote Media
The Cheese Cave Gourmet Sandwich

The Cheese Cave, Redbank NJ, Gourmet Sandwich

The Cheese Cave
The Cheese Cave $5 Friday Charcuterie Board

The Cheese Cave $5 Friday Charcuterie Board

The Cheese Cave

Does Your Digital Marketing Generate a Fatter Bottom Line

Social media marketing (SMM) is the key to building community, collecting user feedback, and soliciting new products instantly! What sets SMM apart from traditional marketing-such as magazine and television ads-is the two directional content.

With the click of a “like,” “retweet,” or original posts and tweets, consumers can spread the word about the brands and products that they use, faster than word of mouth.

Our guest author, Cote Media,  outlines a 3 step process, The Promise, The Practice and The Plan It is not just a theoretical 3 step process, they have a successful case study to prove it generates more cash to your bottom line.

The Promise 558

Add http://foodbeverage.about.com/od/new_product_launches/a/How-To-Use-Facebook-For-Crowdsourcing-Ideas-For-New-Product-Development.htm

If you see something enough, eventually it's going to stick.

Message consistency for brands is a huge puzzle piece not only in ad campaigns, but also specifically in any successful social media strategy. If your brand is delivering something on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis that is beneficial, upbeat, and attractive to consumers, eventually they're going to start expecting it!

This social media strategy is crucial not only in getting people through your door, but also in keeping your brand in their minds for next time. Consistency is also a huge opportunity to communicate your brand's identity. If you're regular with your tone and your content, people will not only want to give you their business, but they'll begin to understand who you are as a company.

This will certainly give you the chance to show people who you are but it'll also convey to them why you're better, different or more deserving of their patronage than the rest.

According to Launch-Marketing.com, "Consistent branding allows marketers to differentiate their product, deliver key messaging, and encourage loyalty by driving authority and trust in their product or business. By keeping a tight rein on brand consistency, marketers can drive customer perception from the onset of the engagement all the way through the buyer decision making process." (Dom: Don’t know about Content Marketing... read Content Marketing is necessary for Successful New Product and Content Marketing New Product Launch success stories from food entrepreneurs Good Green Bars and Three Tarts. )

It can be as simple as posting your weekly coupon or your daily specials. Throw in an awesome picture and it's guaranteed that someone will be hooked. Once consumers come to expect your posts, they'll become engaged, leave their opinions, and most importantly, spread the word! In the next section, you'll be able to see this process in action and how truly successful it can be!

Björn Von Matérn, Vice President of Corporate Communications at The Absolut Company, says, "It’s incredibly important because consistency in itself is also a brand promise you are always delivering on. It’s also part of the identity, so it has to be clear what the brand is all about."

Make a promise, spread the promise, keep the promise.

The Practice

Red Bank, New Jersey, is a town built on independent business. The streets are often buzzing with locals and tourists who come for the entertainment, salons and spas, clothing shops, bars, and, perhaps most importantly for this avant-garde town on the Navesink River, the fooderies. It’s tough to find a chain store here, and that’s part of Red Bank’s beauty.

To keep the unique shops alive, many business owners have taken to social networks, reaching beyond the city limits to pull in the crowds!

The Cheese Cave Spreads the Word via Social Media

One thriving business there is The Cheese Cave. Now in its third year of business, “the Cave” is a local gem that not only serves artisan cheeses with meats and spreads to complement, but the shop also educates its consumers, both over the counter one-on-one or through their regular Cheese & Wine pairing classes. Owner Stephen Catania and his engaging staff of Cheesemongers pride themselves on sharing the story behind each cheese with walk-in customers and also at events.

The Cheese Cave has spread the news of the latest products and events through Facebook and Twitter primarily, since the beginning. One post that cheese lovers await each week is the “$5 Friday” line-up! The BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) event is a public cheese tasting that encourages consumers to come and go as they please.

Borrow the techniques from The Cheese Cave plan that spreads the Word via Social Media to fatten your bottom line!

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