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The Cheese Cave Restaraurant Spreads the Word via Social Media

Their social media efforts translates into a fatter bottom line


The Cheese Cave

The Cheese Cave Redbank New Jerey

Cote Media
The Cheese Cave Gourmet Sandwich

The Cheese Cave, Redbank NJ, Gourmet Sandwich

The Cheese Cave
The Cheese Cave $5 Friday Charcuterie Board

The Cheese Cave $5 Friday Charcuterie Board

The Cheese Cave

Continued From Does Your Digital Marketing Generate a Fatter Bottom Line Part 1

Our guest author, Cote Media,  outlines a 3 step process, The Promise, The Practice and The Plan It is not just a theoretical 3 step process, they have a successful case study to prove it generates more cash to your bottom line.

The Cheese Cave Spreads the Word via Social Media

Come in after dinner, before seeing a show nearby, or stay for the full 3 hours that will fly by after a couple glasses of wine! Both engagement with the $5 Friday Cheese line-up post on Facebook and attendance at the event itself started slow; only a handful of super-regulars took part in either. But their consistent, regular, engaging campaign for $5 Friday has turned both the weekly post and the event into a “can’t miss”, drawing dozens and dozens of patrons and scores of engagement every week.

Followers are encouraged to “share” and “retweet” the post as a sign that they will be attending, spreading the news to their friends. Some attendees also “tag” a friend to send them the news. Nearby Red Bank businesses also share the post! The Tasting Room, a local wine shop, shares the line-up as a reminder to followers that they get a discount on bottles bought for the event. This kind of reaction turns something from just another post to an engaging post!

While the hype of the $5 Friday post may last up to 24 hours as cheese lovers reminisce about their favorite samples, one post receives comments, shares, and “LIKES” all week! The Cheese Cave updates its menu of “sandwiCHEESES” each Tuesday and has for more than two years. No matter what day you check out the Facebook page, the menu of cheese-oriented sandwiches is always “pinned” to the top of the feed. The mouth-watering picture that accompanies the post receives comments like “I wish I lived near Red Bank,” “save me one,” and “I’m on my way!”

These consistent weekly posts often garner the most views per week. The spike in action on Tuesdays and Fridays on The Cheese Cave’s page is proof that viewers itch for these posts!

Recently we wrote about the huge and undeniable benefit of social media’s ability to rapidly spread. This benefit is shown by the positive correlation between a restaurant's revenue and its social media reviews.  You want to translate posts and engagement into sales revenue and a bigger bottom line

While the Cave has built expectations for its customers, the shop has also proven its loyalty by satisfying these expectations. The Cheese Cave in Red Bank has made a promise to its consumers, and is doing a fine job keeping that promise!

The Plan

Figuring out what makes your company different than the rest is easier said than done. Executing a social media plan that develops that differentiation is even more difficult and time-consuming. But the hard, as they say, is what makes it great.

A reality of which to be aware when it comes to identifying, planning and executing a consistent social media message that highlights your strengths, is that the more successful you are, the more difficult it becomes to manage, but we’re willing to bet that most business owners could easily find worse problems to have than the growth of their business.

(Dom: Your “message” is based on your brand's positioning. Your brand positioning statement is the underpinning of your marketing  plan and frames how your brand is compared to your competition and what you are trying to say to the customer. Positioning statements are a way to formulate your social media message. Without this, you are flying blind in identifying, planning and executing a consistent social media message.)   

One key to success on social media in general and developing a consistent, successful plan in particular is finding an agency with experience and vision, whose sole goal is to increase your company’s visibility and ultimately sales. But another reality of social media is that there is no reason why every business, of whatever size, can’t grow with an intelligent, well-executed plan.

For our next article, we’ll dive into another key, but very often overlooked, component to social media success for business; real-time, genuine and helpful network customer service.

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