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Victorias Kitchen uses Storytelling Marketing

Creating a brand with Symbols and Emotions around founders grandmother


Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water is based on David’s Meniane's French grandmother

A backstory for content marketing is Victoria’s Kitchen way to differentiate their artisan Almond Water. The label was designed to communicate emotions instead of features and benefits.

Victorias Kitchen
Updated October 20, 2012

I wrote 5 Ways to Create Your Brand Story with Backstories to illustrate how this is an integral part of your Content Marketing Strategy . My last "story" focused on Jack Rudy Cocktail Company and their creative use of storytelling. So for a quick review of the elements, they are:

  • Trace Your Origins in Your Story
  • Have Your Story Visualize Where You Were
  • Feel the Feelings - Write About Emotions
  • Create Your Stories with Symbols
  • Now Write Your Story

Let's examine one of my clients, Vidtorias Kitchen, whose brand is built upon a legend, myth or story and have incorporated these elements into their brand's development.

Victoria's Kitchen

Almond Water is not a beverage many people would be familiar with. But for David Meniane it is as memorable as his grandmother's face, because she made it for him and all the family. According to Deborah Meniane, David's wife, "It is a flavor that is popular in Europe, especially countries around the Mediterranean sea: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, but as far as I know, it isn't available anywhere else as a ready-to-drink beverage."

According to Deborah Meniane, "When we decided to make Almond Water available for the mass market in a ready-to-drink format, we knew we had to convey the history behind it." She tells us, "The recipe originally came from the David's French grandmother Victoria. By naming the company after her and putting her beautiful picture on the bottle, we wanted to honor not only Victoria but the millions of amazing grandmothers out there who spread their love through their cooking. People love to be a part of something, by sharing our family heritage in the form of Almond Water with the world, we are letting consumers into our family and we're letting them feel the grandma love."

Their path from the kitchen to consumer has been completely directed by their story and people's reactions to the product.

An Interview with the founder

Q. Did you consider other "backstories" for the brand?

A. "We didn't have to consider any other stories as ours simply came from our memories. The difficult part about this was figuring out how to convey our history into a single paragraph and a logo on a little bottle. We could have easily written a book but we had to limit ourselves to what would fit on a 16oz bottle."

Q. After you "found" your story, was it easier to determine the packaging, or did you already have that determined?

A. "We wanted our packaging design to be a representation of who we are and what we stand for.

We decided to go with a beautiful glass bottle with a gold cap. We wanted people to feel like they were drinking something special that was made with love. We also wanted Victoria's beautiful picture to stand out. In the long run, we hope Victoria's picture can represent not only the face of our company but a symbol of family traditions and childhood memories. We really tried to convey our love and respect for family recipes and traditions with our packaging."

Q. What has been the response of the "public" to the myth and branding and persona?

A. "People love the fact that we are sharing a part of our history with them. They really enjoy listening to our story and they absolutely love that they are able to put a face to our company name: Victoria's Kitchen. People love stories, they want to be excited about what they are drinking, eating or using. "

Q. What steps have you taken to maintain the brand's "story" in all collateral, marketing and public relations?

A. "With the current amount of great and innovative products on the market, it is important to try to stand out from the crowd with a story, beautiful packaging, a recognizable logo, beautiful colors. Using Victoria's photograph on our logo allows us to be unique because no-one else can have this picture. People might be able to use similar colors or similar texts but they won't be able to take what's ours: our family history."

Building your product story

While Victorias Kitchen And Jack Rudy's based their brand story on an actual person, they have done so in a way that each brand embodies the intrinsic characteristics of the person. Their labeling design was driven by their story.

Study each of these three food and beverage entrepreneurs and base your brand's approach on a story. But in doing so, look for a story that is authentic, contains traits of myth or legend which all people can relate to. Use these elements in your package design, in your copy writing, on your website. If you do this, your brand won't soon be forgotten.

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