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Tips for Using Twitter to Get Traffic at a Food Demo

Get Some Help the Day of Your Food Demo


Product Demo Deborahs

Product Demo Deborahs

Flickr User Muffett http://www.flickr.com/photos/calliope/

Tips for Using Twitter to sell more at a Food Demo

Food Entrepreneurs can implement these social media tactics during new product launch to get their product on to the consumer's plate faster.

  1. A week or so prior to your demo, identify the most influential Twitter users in the area. There are several apps that allow you to do this, such atKlout and Twellowhood and even Twitter Search. Determined what the best hashtag search or searches people are using.
  2. Begin to follow and interact with Twitter users in the city, town, or neighborhood where you will be demoing and who have interests that match your brand's targeted customers. i.e. search for runners if you have a sports drink you are marketing.
  3. Identify your retail food demo location's most ardent Twitter fans and follow them, growing a relationship so they will be increasingly aware of your brand and your upcoming activity.
  4. A week prior to any product demonstrations from your brand , begin talking about your upcoming demo.
  5. Share intriguing teasers of your demo activity, designed to arouse curiosity. For example, "What can you cook with these items (listing a few items to be used in your demo.)
  6. Ask interactive questions based around your product, asking your followers for their responses.
  7. Take photos and video of fans at your event, posting them via smart phone to your website and Twitter stream. (Be sure to ask permission to photograph and post and have release forms available for completion by all.)

A Food Demo Example Using Twitter

Use location based twitter hashtags on all your food demo related tweets. Check with the retailer to see if they have an established twitter hashtag for their location. For example New York (Union Square) Whole Foods New York Twitter handle is - @wholefoodsnyc. So if you were doing a food demo at the Whole Foods in Union Square you would tweet something like:

We're @wholefoodsnyc offering tastings of our cheeses. #tastings #fooddemo #NYC

You will want to have someone assisting you with the location based Twitter activity the day of your demo, because product demonstrations by the brand, actually running the food demo, interacting with your customers, photographing, tweeting and posting will take more than your two hands and head.

Finally, remember, in all the activity you undertake, the point of the activity is to interact, to share brand related, intriguing information (not blast broadcast) and to attract new customers and deepen your relationship with your current customers.

Cheryl Smithem develops integrated marketing and public relations strategies that help businesses engage their customers and grow their business.

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