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Mommy Bloggers - the new force in Social Word of Mouth Marketing

3 Tips for Launching Your Brand with Mommy Bloggers


This is Part 2 guest article from Gladworks , a Rhode Island based full service graphic design, web design, web development, drupal development, eCommerce, iPhone app development, marketing, social media, and PR firm. Here is Part 1

In Part 1 Mommy Bloggers, Raising Babies and Launching Your Brand we covered,

· Who Are Mommy Bloggers?

· How Can Mommy Bloggers Brand Evangelists

· What Mommy Bloggers Can Do For You

· How Brands Interact with Mommies

Blogs have advantages over traditional media… the blogger has created their personal brand with a following of loyal, engaged and trusting fans. Research shows that "mommy bloggers" have a particularly strong and faithful following. Mommy bloggers can be powerful brand evangelists and convert others via social media to be brand evangelists. Today for many brands they are the go-to channel for word-of-mouth social marketing. Food entrepreneurs in the midst of new product launch should consider getting mommy bloggers on board and involved in the conversation.

How To Find Mommy Bloggers

Mommy bloggers are everywhere! You can check out the mom blogger's club, or you can visit a website that connects bloggers with businesses. BlogHer (the largest online women's network) and Mom Central are also great places to look. Google searches will also turn up lots of results.

Pitching To Mommy Bloggers

When asking a blogger for her support, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Always be fair and make sure you follow through with any promises you make. Just as a blogger can help you launch your new brand, she can also bring it down in flames. Treat her with respect and she'll do the same for your brand.
  • Remember that many mommy bloggers (and some even resent that title, and some are even men) are former professionals who are writing blogs to keep their writing and marketing skills sharp while spending more time with their children. They're smart, savvy women and should be approached with that in mind.
  • Your goal here should be to create a partnership-a conversation between the blogger, your brand, and her readers.

A Strategic Partnership

Simply asking a mommy blogger to encourage her followers to try your product isn't enough. What you want to do is get a conversation going with the blogger. Mommy bloggers know what will resonate with their audiences, so trust in them and respect their knowledge and expertise in getting your messaging right, and don't expect them to automatically agree to help you out just to get free stuff. Most mommy bloggers will only recommend a product or brand they believe in. Remember-their credibility is at stake here and they've worked hard to get it.

Now that you're familiar with mommy bloggers, think about creative ways in which you and a mommy blogger might be able to launch your brand together. Focus on the idea of creating a strategic partnership and try to steer away from overt marketing messages.

3 Tips for Launching Your Brand with Mommy Bloggers

  • Avoid overt sales messages. Readers (and the bloggers that attract them) will resist obvious attempts to sell them something. Focus instead on creating a conversation between your brand, the blogger and her audience. The idea is that you're sharing information, not making a buck.
  • Focus on creating a strategic partnership. This requires a longer-term perspective about the relationship.
  • Trust the blogger to know her audience and keep an open mind when planning your product launch. Stay far away from micromanaging.

(NOTE: As of 2009, the FTC requires that bloggers disclose when they've received payments or goods in exchange for review or endorsement. Blogs have to say "care of" or c/o the brand supplying the goods, just so everything is on the up and up. For more information, see http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm )

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