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Mobile Marketing for Small Restaurants

HAving an app for your customers can drive increased revenue


Learn how to get an inexpensive app for your small restaurant

Learn how to get an inexpensive app for your small restaurant

Global Marketing Mavens
Updated April 23, 2013

Global Marketing Mavens (GMM) is a Mobile Marketing service provider focusing on mobile platforms. We create apps for small to medium sized businesses throughout the United States. By leading the marketplace with highly successful apps in various categories, we strive to demonstrate what can be accomplished on mobile platforms.

​​Global Marketing Mavens Our process

Our process is simple. First we review your existing online assets. Then we create a demo app to show you the benefits of being on your customers smartphone. Once you approve, it goes live. We have help you with tactics with our "20 tips on how to market via mobile".

This article will show you how restaurants, deli's and bar owners can easily move into digital marketing.

Overall Program

Our overall goal for businesses is increasing customer retention. The formula we use is allowing your customer to connect anywhere at anytime, = customer satisfaction = retention = loyalty!

The Benefits of Having an App for Your Restaurant

Increase revenue through consumer purchases

Push notifications enable restaurants to deliver valuable product updates, news alerts, coupons, brand awareness promotions, or any other message that immediately engages your customer

Loyalty programs such as GPS coupons, QR code coupons , and mobile punch cards generate strong financial results by engaging guests and creating powerful incentives that encourage increased visits and check size

Mobile ordering offers a new self-service sales channel for processing orders faster enabling restaurants to serve more customers and make more money

Local search increase presence and visibility for customers looking to take action now

Reduce personnel and material costs

Self-service features like mobile ordering and reservations mean the following to restaurants:

Time savings: staff spend less time on the phone explaining menus, processing orders/reservations thereby freeing them to handle more pressing tasks

Cost savings:

  • Self-service options impact scheduling at certain times
  • Self-service options reduce order errors and food waste
  • Reservation and order email reminders reduce "no shows"
  • Mobile solutions means a reduction in printing costs associated with receipts, coupons, menus, and flyers for events

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Mobile helps eliminate what we call "Convenience Inhibitors".

Increased convenience translates to increased customer satisfaction which results in increased customer loyalty and retention which equates to increased revenue by the restaurant

By connecting with customers on-the-go restaurants create customer loyalty, which translates to retention. As customers choose to stay with the business, they'll expand the services they use, products they buy and the amount of money they spend.

Mobile Commerce Examples for Small Restaurants

Mobile commerce is not just for major restaurant chains. So here are real examples that we developed for a local restaurant.

Push Notifications can increase sales during slow periods dynamically, in other words we can help drive business right now. Typically consumers respond to text messages in first 15 minutes which allows you to have last minute promotions and communicate menu changes virtually real time.

Loyalty programs can be built on QR code coupons that help you track customers and tailor more targeted offers to them in the future.

GPS coupon check-in. Let's say your customer is in the area of your restaurant, they might be at the FedEx store or another retailer. Through Geofencing, they can push the coupon to that customer.

The Need for a Mobile Enabled Website. Mobile ordering helps process orders faster and service more customers. The ability to offer self service features, for example avoiding menu questions, will free up personnel to focus on more pressing issues. Finally all marketing materials can be available to the mobile customer vs. paper based products.

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