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A 3 Step plan for Social Media in Food

It takes more than a great taste for a successful food business


This is a guest article from Kelly Jones of Social Marketing Solutions LLC. The company works with entrepreneurs to build a solid presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Media is a term that you hear, see and read almost daily. Almost everyone who has a computer is on social networking sites… or at least it seems that way.

Social networking sites are portrayed in the media as purely personal, used to keep up with your friends and family. Did you know that social media is fast becoming the mainstay of brand marketing strategies?

Social Media in Food

I did a quick search on Facebook and found a plethora of well know brands food & beverage brands. The Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie line has its own Facebook brand page with over 270,000 followers. The central theme of the site is for followers to "Share Your Milano Moment". They are focusing on the Milano experience which differentiates the Milan brand far better than price or taste. They also have one for Pepperidge Farm GoldFish snacks as well as one for their corporate brand. The Dr. Pepper Facebook Page (a brand owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group) has over 10 Million followers and their followers share how great Dr. Pepper makes them feel.

Facebook is not just for the big guys in food & beverages. Funkey Monke Snacks are freeze-dried fruit that are 100% natural, all fruit and focus on moms want to give their kids 3 servings of fruit in a tasty snack format.

OK, so with just these few examples, let's focus on what to focus on in new product launch as a food entrepreneur, namely Brand Position, Content is King and Know Your Audience.

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