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4 Myths About Social Media in Food, Debunked!

Effective Social Media Takes into Account, Smartphones, Value and Relevancy


4 Myths About Social Media in Food, Debunked!

DJH Marketing Communications

DJH Marketing Communications

I am a big proponent of Social Media in food because it is a powerful tool for Food Entrepreneurs in their new product launch. David Hochman of DJH Marketing Communications, is a contributor here on important topics related to social media in consumer food products.

Dave thought it would be important to discuss myths that are floating around regarding social media and tell us the real deal so we can make better decisions as food entrepreneurs. David picked 4 that he deals with repeatedly.

Myth #1 "I already invested a great deal of time, money and effort into building a dynamic website, so devoting resources to build a Social Media presence is just redundant and possibly wasteful.

Fact: Although both presences are accessible via the internet, the comparison ends there.

Consider the fact that your consumer segments that either buy your product or are potential customers AND have smartphones typically they stay logged onto Facebook and Twitter 24/7. Everyone else who uses the internet via their computer typically will check their Facebook Page and their Twitter Feeds multiple times per day. Compare those counts with how many times a day the same consumers proactively visit a food brand's website….

Nielsen posted Five Things to Know about Online Grocery Shopping . Their take: the "what I want, when I want it and where I want it" behavior for tech savy "digital natives" is growing. Nielsen's Smartphone Market Share and Data Usage says "Smartphones and the consumption of mobile data continue to grow in popularity in the U.S. - 37 percent of mobile consumers now have one"

Myth #2 "People feel resentful towards attempts to commercialize things, so I'll alienate my Fans/Followers if I dare try to market to them, so why bother in the first place."

Fact: The reality is that most consumers actually DO NOT easily differentiates between Marketing and Personal Facebook posts/Tweets/YouTube clips, etc.… Word of Mouth marketing IS personal statements that affect purchase behavior in the universe of those "hearing" the word of mouth. Consumers DO differentiate based on Value and Relevancy of information gleaned from Social Media.

Illustrative of Value and Relevancy, consider the may posts you see on Facebook relating to someone's personal "stuff", could be their cat making a mess of their couch or their child creating a picture with peanut butter on the kitchen wall! This is precisely the type of Facebook post that most would consider personal and non-marketing oriented. No relevancy and no value.

On the opposite end, consider the local wine bar that Tweets to stop in tonight because they're "auctioning off a Fender guitar signed by Eric Clapton - proceeds for Red Cross Haiti relief"- In one single Tweet you have no less than FOUR (4!) brands, 3 of them FOR-PROFIT concerns! Eric Clapton, Fender, the local wine bar and the Red Cross.

The wine bar is effectively using Social Media to engage in *gasp* brand marketing to you! You can't love this post enough. You are likely to stop in for a glass and you'll probably forward/re-post, re-Tweet this because you find that info Valuable and Relevant.

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