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Digital and Social Media Marketing

Tips and Techniques on How to Make Digital Marketing and Social Media Work for small food brands, artisan and local food companies.

Peapod Pilots Virtual Grocery Stores to Shop Anywhere, Anytime
Smartphones are the new supermarket shopping cart. Peapod Pilots New Ways to Grocery Shop Anywhere Anytime with Virtual Grocery Stores

Retail Shoppers Want Digital Personalization and Not Privacy Invasion
Mobile needs to create a better experience as consumer concerns about privacy loom. Brands need to follow the three C's for personalization

Does Your Digital Marketing Generate a Fatter Bottom Line
Want more cash to your food business bottom line – use The Cheese Cave 3 step social media process bottom line.

Does Your Digital Marketing Generate a Fatter Bottom Line
Want more cash to your food business bottom line – use The Cheese Cave 3 step social media process bottom line.

Does Your Digital Marketing Generate a Fatter Bottom Line
Want more cash to your food business bottom line – use The Cheese Cave 3 step social media process bottom line.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Facebook and Twitter
You can use techniques from the Starbucks “Tweet-a-Coffee” Twitter Campaign to grow your food business.

Zip List State of the Kitchen Report Shows Digital Influence on Grocery Shopping
One in three grocery shoppers use a mobile device in store to look up recipe ideas, coupons, nutritional information or competitor pricing. 30% of shoppers buy a product because it is in a recipe they want to try.

How to use Facebook for crowdsourcing ideas for new product development?
Nonnis Biscotti gives you tips on using Facebook polling of your fans for crowdsourcing ideas for new product development

Consumer Trends in the Snack Food Markets
Here are 15 Ways Snack Brands Can Be The Life of the Party by targeting online party planners. Consumers spend $38 billion annually on celebrations.

Is the Grocery Business Ready for the Digital Shopper?
40 percent of all visits to Peapod.com involve a mobile device. Are your ready for the digital grocery shopper.

Chobani is Successfully Marketing through Social Media
Chobani uses social media for customer engagement and getting their influencers to be early adopters of new products launches. Their Early Adopters are critical to their early new product launch since they are eager to be the first to buy.

Moms Use Social Media More Than Men For Meal Planning
Older vs. Younger Moms. Older moms differ from younger millennial moms who are looking to acquire skills vs older moms who are willing to share.

World Empanadas Web Site Development Before and After
This site was not working for World Empanadas across all 5 Steps of the Path to Purchase. The site was not optimized so it was not showing up on page one of a Google Search. It was not effective at creating Consumer Interest… it was really just a menu. And if you did not know what an Empanada was, you might think this was a sandwich menu, just...

Mobile Marketing for Small Restaurants
Need an inexpensive app for your small restaurant, deli or bar? It can be done so read this article.

QR Codes on Packaging and Marketing Materials Boost Sales at the Supermarket
Put QR codes on packaging to boost sales at the supermarket.

Clients Corner - Fun to Eat Fruit
The Foodpreneur consulting helps many clients use Mommy Bloggers to grow their business. See how Fun to Eat Fruit use social media to solve the school lunch box challenge.

Ziplist Online Printable Coupons HAve a Social Media Twist
Online printable coupons for groceries have been around for a while. The ZipList company has developed a a business model to deliver digital coupons through their mobile coupon app.

Food Marketing with Pinterest - A Recipe for Food Branding Success!
5 Easy Steps to using Pinterest for Visual Content Marketing for Artisan and Specialty Foods

Barilla Launches Microwavable Meals - Not Frozen BUT Shelf Stable
The Barilla Microwaveable Meals new product launch used Social Media and Mommy Bloggers like tinareal of MomItForward to spread the word for an innovative line of shelf stable ready-meals.

How Are Companies Using Social Media?
How are companies using social media? The mygrubfindr app on Facebook hopes to influence millenials grocery path to purchase.

The Connected Consumer... The Connected Diner
Grocery retail is going mobile, local and social (SoLoMo). They want to track your shopping behavior to deliver targeted deals... a core component of effective Shopper Marketing

Victorias Kitchen uses Storytelling Marketing
Why artisan food entrepreneurs should use storytelling in developing packaging? See how Victorias kitchen based their story around the founders grandmother

Building a Brand Identity Using Story Telling Marketing
Artisan and small food brands should use story telling marketing. So see how Jack Rudy Cokctail Mixes increased sales by developing labeling that has a picture of thee founders grandfather.

McDonalds New Product Launch of Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie
McDonalds new product launch relys on social media. McDonalds will sample mommy bloggers at Blogher12 with their new Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie. Currently this product is not nationally distributed and the hope is this product resonates with

The power of a story must drive your brand’s development
You have a story to tell about your food brand. So... tell it! Use it on social media, press releases and your packaging.

Food entrepreneurs can use these 5 Steps of social media food marketing to...
Foodpreneurs can use these 4 Steps of social media food marketing to help cultivate an organic community around a brand or product. At the same time, few things have the power to capture people’s fancy and incite enthusiasm like good food and drink.

Butter Lane Cupcakes Knows the Zero Moment of Truth
It takes more than great taste to be a success when starting a food business. Social Media gets you brand in the consumer conversation. Maria Baugh, co founder of Butter Lane Cupcakes in New York tells us how she uses digital to grow sales.

Krispy Kreme’s Digital Strategy
Krispy Kremes digital marketing strategy is grounded on finding the answer to this simple question: “do they really care”. Social Media should be all about make it easier for customers to use the brand in a way that is natural NOT getting people to use the brand differently.

Driving Food Sales for Entrepreneurs - 6 Steps Using Social Media
Foodpreneurs can following these steps helping you get started using social media for building product demand. Just remember throughout these steps to be consistent, get help to keep your presence going when your community starts growing and have some fun with it! So let’s get started with Step #1!

Social Media, Driving Sales for foodpreneurs, Getting getting consumer trial - 2

Build your food business with Twitter
Learn how to use Social Media in a food product launch. You can create your own branded 24 hour news cycle and allow you to have those critical one-to-one conversations with your consumers.

Twitter for Food New Product Launch
Create buzz on the blogosphere using Twitter for a Food Product Launch... getting your product on to the customers plate!

Heinz Foodservice uses a Digital Marketing Strategy for Ketechup
Social Media and Ketchup! Yep. Engagement is the How….. The Great Idea is the What. Heinz Social Media and Digital Marketing address the what before they jump into tactics. Foodpreneurs can learn from their 3 pronged social strategy for their own new product launch efforts.

Food Trends for 2012 - White Takes Digital and Social Seriously
Social Media and burgers at White Castle presents at Food Industry Summit. Social Word of Mouth, Communities vs Targets, Food is the new Social Network.

Food Trends for 2012 -Implications for New Product Launch
Social Media Food Trends for 2012, the Connected Consumer, presented at Saint Josephs University Food Industry Summit highlights, the Polarized Consumer, Small Format Retail lead by Walmart Express and Neighborhood Market, Food is the new Social Network and hybrid channel blurring concepts, Grocerants, alive and well with Culinaria, Wegmans Pub...

Content Marketing Case Studies
Content Marketing - New Product Launch success stories from Good Green Bars and Three Tarts. As food entrepreneurs they were challenged with limited marketing budgets yet need to “get the word out”. They knew it was more than social media and search engines optimization and opted for a carefully crafted content marketing plan. They achieved...

What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing is a must for Successful New Product Launches in the food & beverage sector. Food entrepreneurs are challenged with limited marketing budgets yet need to “get the word out”. More than social media and search engines optimization., carefully crafted content marketing plans allows you to increase awareness and “trial” or use of...

Mommy Bloggers: Raising Babies, Launching Your Brand
Mommy Bloggers are Raising Babies and helping food entrepreneurs create memorable new product launches. The word of mouth marketing cycle moving people from undecided to decided faster than ever before. One of the biggest advantages blogs have over other forms of communication is the fact that the blogger has already done the work of creating a...

Mommy Bloggers: the new force in Social Word of Mouth Marketing
More frequently food new product launches are using Mommy Bloggers vs traditional media. Here are 3 tips to use with Mommy Bloggers.

Mommy Bloggers - the new force in Social Word of Mouth Marketing
Mommy Bloggers the new force in Social Word of Mouth. More frequently food new product launches are using mommy bloggers vs traditional media. Here are 3 tips to use with Mommy Bloggers.

Kraft Foods iPhone Assistant Appeals to Time Starved Consumers
Digital Branding and Digital Advertising are all the buzz. How about Artificial Intelligence Apps that track consumer behavior and possibly modify consumer shopper behavior?

How to Create Brand Evangelists
Customers that can’t say enough about your brand are what we call Brand Evangelists. They are your best sales people since they have high credibility. They are impartial as a brand messenger and all they cost you is great service! So how do you convert your customers to brand evangelists? Gladworks Marketing tells you how.

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Food Business
How to Make Social Media Work for Your Food Business

4 Myths About Social Media in Food, Debunked!
4 Myths About Social Media in Food, Debunked!

How to Market Beverages Through Online Party Planners
An effective way market your food brand is using bloggers and online influencers. Punchbowl.com, an online party planner, shows how to market beverages so brands can target those consumers who spend billions on celebrations every single year.

How Content Marketing Is Driving Our Brand
Bradley Smoker uses a blog and youtube videos. As a small business, they want to tell other small food business how to execute about effective content marketing

Marketing Then and Now
We live in a multi-platform world. The old and the new media co-exist side by side.

Friendship Dairies Hits the Road with their First Food Truck
Don't you want your brand to be a “can’t wait to have it” food brand?

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