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New Product Launch of Ensure Clear - Positioned as Very Different

Some Takeaways from this New Product Launch You Can Use


Ensure Clear, a fruit flavored beverage looks and tastes like competitive functional beverages

Baby Boomers wanted a clear beverage, fruit flavored beverage similar to functional beverages with the benefits of Ensure nutrition without being a based nutritional product.

Abbott LAbs
Updated December 22, 2012

This is a continuation Part One Ensure Clear New Product Launch .

New Product Launch - the Marketing Side Buyers want to see

Media - The launch of Ensure Clear was supported by a year-long national TV commercial showcasing the product in addition to a product integration, website content and coupons at retailers and in Sunday Free Standing Inserts. On the product integration, the brand was featured on The Doctors TV show , a nationally syndicated show that deals with health and wellness issues. The show's format supports education nutrition vignettes that are aired at the end of programming and highlight nutrition tips and the brand. Complementing the marketing mix was a year-long Public Relations program that drove consumer and influencer awareness.

Shopper Marketing - With retailer support secured, Miller said they focused attention to building awareness at launch in the retail channel through shopper marketing programs geared to help drive sales. At major retailers across the country, Ensure leveraged education-focused displays including shelf signage, end caps, and check lane displays as well as product demos and in-store sampling.

Some Takeaways from this New Product Launch

OK so Abbott Labs has over $39 Billion in annual revenue and your are ready to give up and go back to your old ways of supporting your new product launch campaigns. Well we can learn some…

Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing… according to the Path to Purchase Institute is "about all best practices for marketing along the entire path-to-purchase, culminating at retail."

So all of the marketing tactics our read here … you probably think that the big brands have the lock on Shopper Marketing? Artisan, Local and Specialty food brands can develop innovative and effective Supermarket Trade Promotions by following the advice from the former Senior Grocery Director at Whole Foods Market headquarters, Perry Abbenante, now VP Marketing for Pretzel Crisps.


Your budget will be best spent on social media and you must spend time learning about social media since not every platform works for every brand.

Twitter is a great tool to launch a product and you should consider learning more about this medium. Charleston PR wrote a great piece on Twitter for specialty food brands.

Mommy Bloggers are super Influencers and will take your products, try them and give a review. Just be sure your product is really good. Barilla Microwaveable Meals were launched using mommy bloggers to spread the word on product quality and how it fits into a busy mom's lifestyle. Schneider Associates created a short video on the Social Media aspects of Barilla's launch .

DRY Soda, founded by Sharelle Klaus ,is a small but growing brand of specialty adult sodas. They relied onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and media relations to get their followers and their friends to come out to the product demos in their neighborhood and taste a flight of DRY Soda.

Retail Buyer Pitch

Melt Organics Buttery Spread is a small but rapidly growing food company founded by Meg Carlson . In Melt Organics Knows How to Sell to Whole Foods , Meg outlines the steps she used in launching their product nation wide in Whole Foods.

Ensure used a pre-launch efforts six months prior to launching to address considerations of shelf space, build awareness for the new products and gain secondary distribution. If you have relations with some of your retail buyers, why can't you do the same.

Remember, be what I call a "learn-it-all"… learn what you can from larger brands and practice Borrow, Adapt and Adopt… Getting your brand on the Shelf and on to the Consumers plate. I call this Kitchen to Cash!

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  5. The New Product Launch of Ensure Clear in 2012 focused on changes in the core target market, baby boomers. They wanted a clear beverage, fruit flavored beverage similar to functional beverages with the benefits of Ensure nutrition without being a based nutritional product.

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