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Most Memorable New Product Launches of 2011

Social Word of Mouth Key to lasting Consumer Engagement


Most Memorable New Products of 2011

Most Memorable New Products of 2011

Most Memorable New Products

The Most Memorable New Product Launch 2011 Survey

I just attend a live webinar for The Most Memorable New Product Launch 2011 Survey today with Julie Hall and Aaaron Reid. They work with me here to create our New Product Launch section and I will be covering the MMNPL 2011 in more detail in future articles. I wanted to give you some quick highlights. You can see all Tweets at MemorableNewProducts MMNPL

MMNPL Top Line Consumer Research

· It is not legacy media driving consumer purchase… it is moving to mediums like Twitter and Facebook. Nielsen said 18-34 year olds are using online mediums more than all other groups.

· Brands must think of themselves as a content creators and not just the brand. Think like the Food Network or Epicurious

· The most influential factors getting people to buy….85% of respondents were very influenced by recommendations from family and friends. And social word of mouth, maybe we can call them social brand evangelists, will be the primary factor in new product adoption

· The top ten products were able to connect with people on an emotional level. This is what Pepperidge Farm did with their Goldfish Sandwich Bread Product Launch

· 40% of consumers used Facebook to learn about new products

· We used 7 different sources to research products

· Brand name influence dropped by 6% points hovering around 60%

· 42% of Marketers are using QR codes in 2012. Early Adopters need to make a connection with the brand and QR codes do this really well. It takes their excitement and spreads through Social Word of Mouth. Grocery early adopters are not necessarily the same as technology early adopters.

· 87% of consumer said they were still not feeling great about themselves primarily due to the economy

  • Social sites like PintInterest will become more influential in word of mouth and getting consumers from undecided to decided

Here are selected Most Memorable New Products of 2011 in the Food & Beverage Sector

Digiorno Pizza and Cookies

Sounds horrible! Nestle Cookie dough is packaged with DiGiorno frozen pizza. Julie said the product did quite well and maybe it illustrates just how much we have become a multi-tasking culture. A comment was made that this is a watershed moment in US Obesity. Aaron stated that "this is really Innovative Meal Solutions Bundling. It maybe more appealing to the male shopper since men are doing more meal preparation." Aaron also pointed out that 33% of US Households were aware of this new product launch and of those 40% actually purchased it! (called the conversion rate).

Baileys Irish Coffee Creamer

The product was launched at Blogher.com… a gathering of top bloggers, many of whom are mommy bloggers, in the US that gathers annually. It will be in New York in August 2012. This was a great opportunity for the brand to get product blogged about. Baileys created a lounge environment… a lounge to "stir up a conversation". It also was a great SEO booster with the blog chatter.

Philly Cooking Crème

They created online contest… the real women of Philly! Their agency, Digitas, created the social media campaign as a social experience. To get consumers to use the brand, they created a social environment vs. just a recipe exchange. They combined digital (Skype video) with over 10,000 hosted parties using Skype as the binder for social communications. Amplifying the "social", users were asked to create online commercials for product pitches which Julie and Aaron said "is the engagement" they were looking for. According to Julie "everyone is the next Food Network Star, America thinks they all have talent". This is an example of the trend in co-creation and many are doing this in the Innovation stage to design new products on the market.

Mini Reeses Pieces

The new product launch appealed to early adopters so they launched at the Consumer Electronics Show as the official candy! The appeal - Mini Reeses are not wrapped so gamers don't have to interrupt their games by unwrapping regular Reeses. The CES launch was impressive getting people who are both tech AND food early adopters. Tom and Julie said this was a great packaging Innovation with their standup AND resalable pouch in 5 oz and 8 oz sizes… they won't go stale.

Other New Product Launches of 2011

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  5. The Most Memorable New Product Launch 2011 Survey emphasizes co-creation, customer engagement and an aggressive used of social media in place of legacy media. New product launches in food will never be the same.

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