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Selecting Food Packaging Materials

There are multiple options for food & beverage packages that deliver sales


Cookies and Corks - Cookies to pair with wines

Cookies and Corks - Cookies to pair with wines

Cookies and Corks

Food Packaging Design Key Questions for Designing Better Packaging

  • Packaging materials What materials will allow for maximum product freshness and protection?
  • Packaging Construction Will a flexible or rigid container support your product? How much space do you need for messaging?
  • Ease of which it can be packed into outer containers (secondary packaging) ) Will the shape or size prevent you from easily shipping your product to retailers?
  • Ease of storage and distribution What is the cost of secondary packaging and transportation to get it to the retailer? Will your product be stored for a period of time before going on display?
  • Shelf life extension through packaging How long might your product sit on the shelf before consumer consumption?
  • Convey Information What are the ingredients, product benefits, considerations, brand identity?

Packaging Materials and Design Drive Costs - Pay Attention Here

Your package is one of the most important elements in a successful new product launch. However, you need to be flexible and consider alternative options, which can be equally eye-catching and functional. Key cost drivers for food packaging are:

  • Materials - Traditional packaging materials include plastic, aluminum, glass, and paperboard. However, there have been advancements in innovative and eco-friendly packaging materials. The Greener Package offers a comprehensive database of sustainable packaging materials (http://www.greenerpackage.com/ database), or there are associations dedicated to individual packaging materials such as: www.glasswebsite.com; www.flexpack.org; www.plasticsindustry.org; www.aluminum.org, www.ppcenet.org. To understand issues regarding sustainability, look at www.greenblue .org
  • Design (if working with a package designer) - Once the development process is complete and specifications are set, 80% of costs are embedded, which means 20% of costs occur in the manufacturing stage. Therefore, there may be several savings opportunities in the design and development phase. Check out one of the following online directories for package designers and design firms: www.thedieline.com; Core77 (www.designdirectory.com); For insightful comments on the latest in packaging design, look athttp://bestinpackaging.wordpress. com/
  • Packaging Production (printing, production, and labor) - It is possible to make tradeoffs, such as between labor and production costs, but be sure you understand the implications of possible trade offs in your time and effort and in the look of your package.

We had one customer that moved from hand-wrapping to automated wrapping. There was a significant capital cost to buying a machine, but her labor costs went down and her retailer bought more from her because of the consistent look of her packages. Her payback was rapid despite the upfront costs. Use this sample calculator for one of our machines as an example of how capital costs can be reduced.

When looking for packaging equipment, PMMI (www.pmmi.org orwww.packexpo .com) is a great resource for North American-made packaging equipment.

Examples of Great Packaging Packaging

Great food packaging gets your product Off the Shelf and on to the Consumers Plate. Great packaging is a key success factor in pitching the retail buyer to get on the shelf . Packaging is the single most important marketing tool in today's competitive food & beverage market. Hiring a package designer and using available resources will not only save you time and money in the long run, but will help ensure your brand gets from Kitchen to Cash faster!.

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