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Trends You Need To Follow

Read what the consumer is thinking, feeling and doing in the grocery aisles


Trends You Need To Follow

The supermarket aisle.

Courtesy of IRI

It is always the right time of the year for predicting Consumer Packaged Goods Trends.

If you are just shopping the supermarket aisles, a food entrepreneur or running a small food business, it is imperative to keep up with consumer food trends and the increasing changes occurring on a year to year basis. You can't create successful new products without knowing what the consumer is thinking, feeling and doing.

Read what Packaged Facts has to say about important gourmet and specialty foods trends based on their Gourmet, Specialty and Premium Foods, Beverages and Consumer Trends . Insights here unveil innovation in the Gourmet and Specialty Foods Segment. Gourmet foods and specialty foods are areas where many food entrepreneurs start and excel. See products that capitalize on trends in bold flavors, restaurant quality, restaurant brand names, and fusion along with unique and differentiated ingredients in frozen and refrigerated foods.

Tasty Trends for 2011. Hey this is a food and beverage site so it had better be tasty!

Private Label Trends, Premium Private Label Trends and the Strength Of Store Brands are critical to follow since here in the US, private label is representing approximately 18% of Consumer Purchases.

McCormick's put their two cents in about overall flavor trends to watchout for and I selected consumer food trends 2011 that will have the most impact to food entrepreneurs and consumers.

Technomic is telling us that Alcohol sales at restaurants and bars expected to increase for the coming year. Their insights on alcohol sales at restaurants and reports on consumer and menu trends make me think we are slowly moving out of the recession. Are you Recession Weary and want some Affordable Indulgence ? I think we are returning, albeit slowly, to eating out again.

Read Our Crystal Ball for Consumer Food Trends with the help of the latest Mintel research.

Read Wellness Ingredients: Culinary Trend Mapping Report published by Packaged Facts. See how the consumer is more likely to experiment with foods containing new ingredients.

Check in regulary. These features are your recipe for food trends in the future... there is much more to come.

If you have any ideas on trends, let me know and I will try to include them in future posts.

All the best!

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