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McCormick’s 2012 Flavor Forecast

Complete Forecast for your New Product Development Process


McCormick, the spice company, looks several years out to predict flavor trends consumers will be demanding. McCormick's Predicts Food Trends with the 2012 Flavor Forecast is a walth of information for food entrepreneurs to help in new product development and new product launches. In my article, the McCormick's 2012 Flavor Forecast, I interviewed Kevan Vetter, Corporate Executive Chef and Manager of Culinary Development at the McCormick Technical Innovation Center, to find out how they create their flavor forecasts and food trends that influence food industry new product launches.

Also check outGlobal Food Mashups andSmall Bites, TheConnected Table, Screened Dining and the proliferation of food apps for additional food trends. The explosion of Mommy Bloggers and Social Word of Mouth is creating new product adoption a an exponential rate that is hard to keep up with.

To make it easy for you to see the trends and flavor combinations, here is the complete Flavor Forecast.

About the Forecast

McCormick's Flavor Forecast pinpoints top trends driving global culinary innovation in the coming years. To identify these border crossing flavors McCormick assembled a dynamic group of McCormick chefs, sensory scientists, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists from around the globe. The year-long process of research and analysis identified the following flavors and ingredients will impact global cuisine in the years ahead

2012 Global Flavor Trends

Honoring Roots

Cumin with Sofrito

AUTHENTIC HISPANIC FOUNDATIONAL FLAVORS. Sofrito-an aromatic blend of garlic, onion, bell pepper and tomato sautéed in oil-is the flavorful base of countless traditional Latin dishes, from Spanish to Cuban. Robust cumin, one of the world's most widely used spices, is taking these "background" aromatics to new places on the global culinary map.

Korean Pepper Paste with Sesame, Asian Pear & Garlic

BBQ WITH A GLOBAL TWIST. In Korean barbecue, powerful ingredients combine in an intricate harmony for the senses. Gaining popularity as a result of interest in global street food and regional livefire specialties, chefs are celebrating the balance inherent in this tasty heritage-dazzling the taste buds with a unique combination of sweet, sour, savory and bitter.

Quest for the Ultimate

Dill with Mint, Melon & Cucumber

THE ULTIMATE REFRESHER. The supremely cooling blend of cucumber and melon gets an invigorating kick from lively dill and mint. Prized in Turkish, Greek and African cooking for the cooling refreshment they bring, the winning combination of dill and mint adds both an unexpected savory backbone and a subtle herbal sweetness.

Meyer Lemon with Lemon Thyme, Limoncello & Lemon Peel

THE ULTIMATE LEMON. With its mellow acidity, Meyer lemon mingles with the familiar, pleasing bitterness of lemon peel, the sweetness of Limoncello and the citrusy, herbal notes of lemon thyme. The result is a bracing symphony of ingredients that showcases the lemon's multi-dimensional flavor profile.

Veggies in Vogue

Eggplant with Honey & Harissa

WORLDLY VEGGIE WITH SWEET HEAT. Eggplant is a diverse and global favorite that often replaces meat in dishes because of its substantial texture and hearty flavor. Naturally sweet honey and the fiery North African condiment, harissa, add unique intensity, elevating eggplant to a starring role in many international cuisines.

Squash with Red Curry and Pancetta

VERSATILE VEGGIE WITH A TOUCH OF THAI. Red curry brings an air of the exotic to adaptable squash, for a match that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. This spicy curry blend warms up winter squashes, while waking up summer varieties. Savory pancetta adds a hip twist, thanks to the world's passion for cured meats.

Simplicity Shines

Ginger with Coconut

WARM SPICE JOINS TROPICAL FAVORITE. Ginger's multi-faceted personality is being celebrated for its endless possibilities for sweet and savory dishes. Lush, creamy and cool, coconut is a deliciously contrasting-though wonderfully complementary- counterpoint to the intensity of ginger.

Vanilla with Butter

PURE ESSENTIALS FOR REAL GOODNESS. Sumptuous vanilla is one of the most unmistakable flavors on earth. When vanilla is paired with the creamy richness of butter, this essential duo elevates baked goods. New savory applications bring the pairing to the forefront, transforming everyday meals into simple indulgences.

Flavor Swaps

Red Tea with Cinnamon & Plum

BETTER-FOR-YOU BEVERAGE MEETS FRUIT AND SPICE. Known as rooibos in its native South Africa, caffeine-free red tea has a nutty taste and deep auburn color. Having conquered the healthy beverage realm, red tea is emerging as a flavor in a wide range of dishes, both savory and sweet. Juicy plums and warm cinnamon round out this aromatic, antioxidant-powered trio.

Grapefruit with Red Pepper

A NEW TAKE ON LEMON PEPPER. Grapefruit and red pepper deliver big flavor with purely wholesome ingredients. With a range of bright offerings-juice, zest, pulp- grapefruit meets a similarly versatile match in the exciting assortment of red pepper forms and varieties. An added bonus, this bold, sour-spicy duo also boasts promising metabolism-boosting benefits.

No Boundaries

Sweet Soy with Tamarind & Black Pepper

STEAK SAUCE WITH AN ASIAN FLAIR. An indispensable flavoring in its native Indonesia, sweet soy is a savory-sweet, molasses-like sauce- also known as kecap manis. Together with black pepper and tamarind, these boundary-bending ingredients bring new inspiration to a condiment culture.

Blueberry with Cardamom & Corn Masa

FROM EVERYDAY TO EXTRAORDINARY. In an unexpectedly delicious collision of influences, an all-American stand-by fruit meets a staple of Mexican cooking and India's versatile "queen of spices." The combination bursts with excitement, transcending meal times and regional borders.

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