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A Compelling Cause Marketing Video Story from HumanKind Water
A compelling cause marketing video story strategy netted HumanKind Water Walmart retail distribution as the Walmart Get On the Shelf Winner for 2012. They also received help Walmart Buying and Merchandising team.

So You Want to Grow Your Food Business by Selling to Walmart?
Walmart is looking for that next new product to sell! Enter the Get on the Shelf contest.

Thinking of Selling Food to Walmart? Start with Goodies.Co
Artisan and local food brands have a new way to sell their products online and with a social media crowdsourcing component. @WalmartLabs Goodies.com helps Walmart find great specialty food products.

Connecting the Dots on Walmart
Walmart is seeking more share of stomach in the food and beverage sector with Neighborhood Markets, Walmart Express and Social Media efforts on Facebook with My Local Walmart

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