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From the Kitchen to the Shelf to the Consumers Plate


Getting a food idea out of the kitchen is the critical first step. Food Entrepreneurs: you need more than a great tasting product to get retailers to give you shelf space and for consumers to buy your products. The resources here describe the first steps to build a solid foundation to start a food business.
  1. Food Business Basics
  2. Food & Beverage Trends and Insights
  3. Getting On The Shelf
  4. Food and Beverge Packging Basics

Food Business Basics

The resources here are essential elements helping you build a solid foundation to start a food business.

Food & Beverage Trends and Insights

Learn the latest food and beverage trends and food shopper insights from Packaged Facts. There are important tips for Food Entrepreneurs with help on how to start a food business and create more effective new product launches.

Getting On The Shelf

Grocery Retailers Need Much More Than Just a Sample of Your Product to Give You Shelf Space. You have to convince the retail buyer your product achieves the 5 R's, the Right Product, in the Right Place, at the Right Time, at the Right Price in the Right Amount. Clearly communicating the Retailer Value Proposition of Specific, Measurable and Favorable results is the only way to get on the shelf.

Food and Beverge Packging Basics

Package Machinery Company, Inc. makes wrapping equipment for consumer products goods products.

Food and Beverage Packaging is more than a pretty box that sits on a retail supermarket shelf. It is an integral part to successful new product launch. Food and Beverage packaging can be confusing for food entrepreneurs, so you will find a wealth of information useful for those starting a food business or running an existing food business. The right packaging will increase the success of your new product launches.

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