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Brand Identity

Product Positioning relies on packaging as your Brand's Amabassador


Package Machinery Company

Package Machinery Company

Package Machinery Company

Brand identity(What is brand development) - Marketing/Convenience/shelf appeal/branding/brand integrity

In 2010, there were 647 total food and beverage new product launches and brand extensions. If 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made at the retail shelf. You want to focus on packaging ideas that make your product stand out from new and existing products in order to attract the attention of the consumer. Today more than ever, packaging has become an essential part of the marketing mix and allows you to communicate product information directly with the consumer.

Fundamentally, a good package design will attract the consumer's attention and it will protect the product from processing through consumption. Using the right size, shape, colors and materials in your packaging will enhance the consumer's experience with your product which, ultimately, will help build brand awareness.

If you have the resources, consider hiring a packaging designer who can help create a unique brand identity as well as help determine materials suitable for your products. However, if your budget is limited, there are cost-effective options and you can always modify your packaging (or rebrand your product) as time goes on.

In Conclusion/It's a Wrap
Food entrepreneurs need to recognize that packaging is your direct interface with your consumer. It's an investment that can make or break your business. Research ahead will pay off in longevity of your package design and strong brand identification.

Your investment in food and beverage packaging is the best way to get you product on the shelf and on to consumers plate!

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