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A (Re)Fresher Look at Food & Beverage Packaging Basics

The four roles of Food and Beverage Packaging


Package Machinery Company

Package Machinery Company

Package Machinery Company

Food and Beverage Packaging is more than a pretty box that sits on a retail supermarket shelf. It is an integral part to successful new product launch. Did you know these food and beverage trends:

• The number of domestic food and beverage recalls have tripled since 1999?

• An estimated 70 percent of all purchasing decisions are made at the retail shelf?

Food and Beverage packaging can be confusing for food entrepreneurs, so here are some packaging tips from Package Machinery Company Inc. for starting a food business or an existing food business looking to increase the success of their new product launches. We hope this spurs some packaging ideas you can use in your food brand.

What is the Role of Packaging

The consumer's experience with your product is greatly influenced by its packaging - was it easy or difficult to open, was the product kept fresh by the materials it was packaged in, was the product in one piece as intended or broken into tiny pieces, was the product contaminated?

There are four primary functions of packaging that need to be addressed in new product launch:

Product Protection - protection/transportation/handling/distribution/primary and secondary packaging

Product safety - Food recalls/hazards/traceability

Product Freshness - appearance/taste/freshness/quality

Brand identity(What is brand development) - Marketing/Convenience/shelf appeal/branding/brand integrity

Let us look at each primary packaging function in detail. Let's start with Product Protection.

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