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Food & Beverage branding strategy for Food - No Quick Fixes

Just following 4 fundamentals for higher revenue and lower marketing costs


Technomic  -  Kids and Moms Consumer Trends Report Nine Mom Segments

Technomic - Kids and Moms Consumer Trends Report Nine Mom Segments


Marketing Fundamentals

No matter what, a branding exercise must start with these fundamentals in marketing. Anyone who says to the contrary is just plain wrong:

1. Creating a Positioning Statement to arrive at the Image your brand represents to the customer. It is not difficult so read New Product Launch - Take a Position.

2. Objectives that are SMART, Specific, Measurable, Aggressive, Realistic, and Time Bound. This keeps you focused and away from ambiguity and mushy goals. I wrote an example of a SMART Objective in Get SMART! When Trying to Decide What to do First .

3. Indentifying Customer Segments to aggregate into your Target Market (s). If you can't indentify who you are selling to, then how can you create a message! Also recognize that you customers are not homogeneous. Think of a pizza with six slices and each slice has a different topping. Your target is the "pizza" but it is composed of different flavors. If the flavors are pretty similar, you have one target. If you have several flavors that are very different, then you have more than one target and the challenge is to group the segments together that make the most logical sense.

Make More Money with Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation can INCREASE your revenues and LOWER marketing costs. Don't you want to do this? Of course you do so here is how to do it in brief:

· Identify groups of similar customers and potential customers.

· Use your best judgment to rank the best groups for your brand to target.

· Do some research, Internet or just talking to potential customers to try and understanding their attitudes and shopping behaviors. Each group has different preferences and lifestyles.

· Doing the first three above allows you to select the most targeted marketing strategies AND then the tactics to provide a delightful customer experience.

Customers Segments Mom Segment Examples

McDonalds knows there Customers Segments and they are varied. The Mcdonalds Happy Meals Customers are important and represent over 10% of their sales, no surprises that Kids and Moms consumer trends are driving revenue. The graphic here shows 9 mom segments and family attitudes that are driving important foodservice trends in the Quick Service (Fast Food) restaurant sector. Click on the full Technomic - Kids and Moms Consumer Trends Report Nine Mom Segments to see just how detailed mom segments are and borrow some great ideas from this short research summary.

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