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Food & Beverage Brand Positioning & Techniques

See effective brand positioning using the latest product and consumer trends, target marketing, innovative packaging and social media.

Watch Food Trends to Create Innovative New Products
Nonnis Biscotti's initial product positioning translated their best sellers into Biscotti Bites and they found some flavors did not take off. From this they created mini biscotti product positioning of greater indulgence (giving “permission” to indulge) and that was what the consumers wanted.

Why is H2M Beverages So Successful in New Product Launch?
This interview with H2M Beverages will give you tips on brand positioning and product launch tactics applicable to a small food business.

Are You Ready to Meet the Press?
For all foodpreneurs, some advice. When a reporter calls your credibility rests on addressing everything… the “business of food”, your new product launch, how a consumer uses your product, how you source ingredients, who manages production, your sales and/or how you have funded your business.

5 Ways to Create Your Brand Story with "Backstories"
You have a story to tell about your food brand. So... tell it! Use it on social media, press releases and your packaging.

What Is Crisis Communications?
Public Relations Planning includes reputation management to handle product recalls and negative social media word of mouth.

A 10 Step Food Product Marketing Plan - Ask the Right Questions
A product marketing plan in 10 steps for any food and beverage product. Brand awareness,positioning, growing your market share all contribute to getting your product off of the supermarket shelf.

A 3 Step plan for Social Media in Food
Social Media New Product Launch requires food entrepreneurs to focus on Brand Position, Content is King and Know Your Audience.

Food & Beverage branding strategy for Food - No Quick Fixes
Food entrepreneurs can create a branding strategy by following 4 fundamentals for higher revenue and lower marketing costs.

Diet Pepsi Skinny Can
Diet Pepsi Launches Skinny Can In Hopes Of Launching Brand To Move Out Of 3rd Place.

Slim-Fast Combines Social Media and Word of Mouth
Slim-Fast Combines Social Media and Word of Mouth to Promote their 1 2 3 Program

Slather Brand Slatherin’ Sauce
A woman food entrepreneur develops gourmet hot sauce which can be the cure for boring foods

Social Media, Customer Content Marketing, Pace Communications
Major grocery retailers are rushing in embrace Social Media to execute Custom Content Grocery Marketing

Retailers and Brands Plan To Increase Their Investments in Shopper Marketing
Retailers and Brands Plan To Increase Their Investments in Shopper Marketing

Whole Foods Has 1.8 Million Friends
Today marketing has Social Media as a new and extraordinarily powerful tool. Several retailers understand this and are rushing to use Social Media.

Up To Date Trends and Techniques in Retail Marketing
A compendium of topical information primarily focused on the retail consumer segment.

Fast Food Is More than Fast Food
Fast Food brands are rushing to keep up with "fast" trends in consumer meal consumption.

Customer Delight Is The Holy Grail in Marketing
Successful brands recognize that mareketing is more than features and benefits.

Whole Foods Has 1.8 Million Friends
Engage and Listen to Your Customers

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