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A mix of how to start and run a small restaurant, food trends in restaurants and interesting insights on the Grocerant sector.

Eating Out by Eating In?
Millennials grew up with fast internet access everywhere, mobile technology, and are now engaging and demanding a food focused seamlessly integrated life style.

Are Restaurant Brands Looking More Like Yesterday than Tomorrow?
Artisan and specialty food entrepreneurs product development should focus on the eating in trend to take advantage of declining restaurant sales.

Millennials on-going quest for food discovery
Millenials are driving new food trends including buying Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food.

Food Retailers See a “Seismic Shift” to Online Shopping.
Millenial Shoppers More Likely To Use Prepared Food For Meal Solutions

Are You Seeking Funding for Starting a Small Food Business?
A recent crowdfunding success story is Eynealyze, founded by Michael J. Rasmussen, CPA. Michael is not a foodie but works with independent restaurants exclusively and recognized they had a problem and he had the solution.

Restaurant Catering Marketing Ideas
So how do you go about marketing catering at your deli or restaurant? Incorporate these 10 Tips into your marketing plan.

Non-Traditional Fresh Food: Amazon Fresh is Bold, Brave, Branded
Amazon Fresh launches new Seattle Spotlight program offering access to restaurant meals and ingredients limited to the Seattle area. “Seattle Spotlight” is an interesting blend of takeout and home cooking.

How Amazon Selects Food Vendors for Seattle Spotlight
Online Grocery Shopping business models have fallen on that “last mile of delivery”. Well Amazon Fresh’s Seattle Spotlight program has the solution for selecting vendors and getting your food to you fresh.

Group Purchasing Organizations
What is a GPO? Well, independent restaurants need a group purchasing organization to attaing food costs equal to casual and fast casual national chains. Interviewing a few GPO's will tell you which one works best for your small restaurant.

Fresh Food Retailing Trends 2013 - Expanding Beyond Traditional Borders
Is your food company prepared to succeed in 2013, 2014 … 2020? Here are some of the advantages to entering or expanding your business within the grocerant niche, moving away from channel management to serving the omni-channel consumer.

How to Control Restaurant Food Costs Due to the Drought
Dining Alliances, a major restaurant Group Purchasing Organization gives Six Steps to Protect Your Bottom Line from Drought Damage. They show Independent or New Restaurants how to survive upcoming food price increases expected for 2013.

Take-Out and Take-Away Options Threaten Restaurant Growth
The Omni-Channel Consumer means they want food wherever and whenever. Retail and foodservice operators find it hard to draw the lines of competition. Today Whole Foods is competing with Walgreens and Starbucks is competing with McDonalds McCafe.

Consumers Want Quick and Easy Meals for Dinner
Consumers Want Quick and Easy Meals for Dinner and prepared foods with portability are driving retail food success. QSR's are nipping away at supermarket share of stomach... are you ready as a retailer?

Channel Migration Blurs the Lines of Grocery and Restaurant
Food Trends - blurring the lines of whee we buy and eat. We went from channels to channel blurring to omnichannel and now migration marketing. Consumers find fresh prepared ready-2-eat food options at a wide and growing array of outlets across almost every channel: convenience stores, chain drug stores, restaurants, grocery stores, club stores,...

Both Kodak and Zombie Chain Restaurants are Ignoring History
What does Kodak have to do with restaurant industry food trends? What appears to be seemingly unrelated events or small differences are truly critical. Food entrepreneurs and food brands. take heed.

Consumers Don't Cook From Scratch... they go to Grocerants
Consumers don't cook from scratch... they want meal components. Time starved consumers present growing opportunities for Grocerants.

Food Trends 2012 - Fast Food Industry Moving Upscale
Quick Service Restaurant segment has been plagued by supersized, unhealthy menu items and many me-too concepts.

Food Trends 2012 - Fast Food Industry Moving Upscale
Food Trends 2012 Fast Food Industry will move upscale. See what Pret A Manger, Tim Horton and McCafe from McDonalds are doing.

Using Food Stamps at Fast Food - Creating Food Stamp Restaurants?
QSR Food Stamps? The USDA SNAP favors Retail grocery purchases vs. Quick Service Restaurants. Is this the food police going too far? Today QSR establishments have a growing menu of healthy meals from selling to food stamp recipients.

It's 4 PM: Do you know what your customers want to make for dinner?
81% of American consumers don't know what’s for dinner at 4pm! The opportunity for food entrepreneurs is for the asking. Consumers are looking for high quality ready to eat foods and ready to heat meals and the Grocerant will deliver customer delight to time starved consumers in an affordable manner.

Fast Casual Restaurants - Watch out for Retail Meal Solutions
Fast Casual is no longer related to Panera Bread. Hyvee Markets opened their first Market Fresh Grille in their Urbandale, IA to test just how upscale a supermarket can go.

The Future of Food Retail is not Fast Casual
Harris Interactive found that Americans continue to be reducing how often that they eat out at restaurants. How will retail grocery respond?

Future Trends in the Food Industry
Demands placed on the consumer contribute to a food marketplace focused on convenience

Winning Stores of the Future
Grocer-ants and the addition of to go foods along with Millenials tastes for global foods will redefine both small format and big box food retail.

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