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Getting into Production

Getting out of the kitchen means creating your own food production facility or using a copacker. Which way to go? It all depends and we help you with information from food machinery manufacturers and commercial kitchen suppliers to get going fast and do it on budget.

Do You Know How to Design a Nutrition Facts Label?
Did you know you can design a Nutrition Facts Label for free with ReciPal for nutrition analysis?

FiveThings You Need to Know When Starting a Food Business
Two critical components most food entrepreneurs ignore, Shelf Life Testing and working with Food CoPackers

More Things You Need to Know When Starting a Food Business
3 critical components most food entrepreneurs ignore, Licenses needed for Food Distribution and working with a Product Fulfillment service

Have a Fod Business? Learn Sales Forecasting in 5 Easy Steps
If you own a food business, you can learn sales forecasting in 5 easy steps

3 Tips on Calculating Food Costs
Cost of goods sold. It’s probably the scariest number for any food producer. You avoid it. You don’t want to know it. Cloud based software can help small food manufacturing businesses manage cost of goods and improve profits.

Better Food Manufacturing Business Management
Foodpreneur clients forget that they are buying a wide variety of food ingredients to produce their product. We tell them that without a bill of materials inventory and production management tools, their ingredient inventory will explode and deplete your cash reserves. So a real food entrepreneur gives you 6 ways to manage your ingredient inventory.

10 Questions to Ask a Copacker
Don't spend money on food production equipment. First consider a copacker and save your money for new product launches and retail trade support.

What is a CoPacker or Contract Packer
A contract packaging company can be a great asset to a food entrepreneur, freeing the foodpreneur to focus on new product launch and consumer marketing.

New Vs. Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment
The new vs. used decision for building a commercial kitchen is a big investment whether you are a restaurant or a food entrepreneur selling product to the grocery retail sector.

How do you decide on Lease to Own
When you shop for commercial kitchen equipment you can buy it for cash, lease it conventionally or take the hybrid lease to own. See what this means.

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