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Domenick Celentano Food & Beverage Guide

Domenick Celentano Food & Beverage Guide

Domenick Celentano

I want to highlight startup and early stage food entrepreneurs that exhibit Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. My goal for the ICE spotlight is to illustrate the journey a company has taken or is still taking in from bringing an Idea out Of the Kitchen, onto the Retailer's Shelf and onto the Consumer's Plate. This is about (no pun intended) learning and delivery knowledge you may not easily find elsewhere. Learning by doing is the best way to learn. So learning by seeing what others do will better frame much of what I write about on this site.

There is much written about the large brands in the retail food business. The entire specialty food side of the business is experiencing growth due to consumers changing eating habits. Last year at home food purchases over 8% vs. food away from home at just 1%.

So for all of you food entrepreneurs starting a food business or running a food business these trends are positive for your food entrepreneurial venture. Combine that with people seeking to eat better, natural, organic and interested in ethnic, this is your time to consider your food passion that can be turned into a real business.

There is some flexibility here on the "retailers shelf" since numerous companies are internet based so we can more broadly define the "shelf". I would love to hear from those who are internet based and seeking to scale their business into retail distribution.

So, to be considered for a profile, send me an email and include in the subject line "ICE Profile Company" with the following information:

Company Name


Contact Information. Email, Telephone

Date Founded. What was your light bulb moment? Date launched product on stores shelves.

Products and Brief Descriptions

The Inspiration For Starting Your Business

A Short Description

o The Journey From Kitchen. What was the initial motivator that got the product out of the test facility, Kitchen or otherwise?

o To Shelf. What Strategies and Tactics worked in achieving getting on the shelf? Where there mistakes you learned from that strengthened your Retail Trade shelf strategy?

o To Consumers Plate. What Strategies and Tactics worked in getting initial customer trial? Where there mistakes you learned from that strengthened your consumer trial strategy?

How did you make your business Scalable? For example, what are the replicable processes or plans that allowed your business to get to your current size and are they the same or different going forward?

Several examples of retailers where you are distributed? ( Not applicable for web only retailers ). List 2 or 3 so I can link to them and include the links to your store locations

I will contact you to with further information

I love to hear from readers so feel free to contact me by going to my bio and click on my Contact Information with suggestions to the site as well as topics of interest you would like me to cover.

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