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Oh What a Charming Product

Starting a Specialty Food Business Requires Out of the Box Thinking


Oh What a Charming Product

Grill Charms Pictures

Grill Charms

So Grill Charms Innovation and Creativity in my opinion is how Leslie is positioning products as a lifestyle product and solving a real problem when entertaining. The Entrepreneurship comes from understanding Scalability through partnering with food companies and planning the size of the sandbox she can play within. I love the sandbox analogy to really get you to understand what market segments are the ones that can generate the most success. This is a great example of a viable marketing position for an entrepreneurial brand.

I like to continually focus on Expanding the Box you think within as opposed to "thinking out of the box", which is my key "ingredient" to any successful entrepreneurial venture. So don't think out of the box… make the box bigger, but not so big that you can't pick it up. Then think again in that larger box. Focus on appealing to the Experiential Connection to your customer segments, which will attract them to your product and most importantly, purchase! So my Expanded Box thinking is this; Grill Charms doesn't sell grilling charms, they sell a great grilling experience and successful meal preparations on the grill. They are selling fun and all of us want to have fun cooking and eating.

I hope you gain from these featured companies and you always focus on Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship in your new or existing business. Wishing you all the best in your Kitchen, to Shelf to Plate journey.

Company Name

Grill Charms™ by Charmed Life Products

Contact Information

Leslie Haywood lhaywood@grillcharms.com

Date Founded

Light bulb moment, April 2006

Launched product on stores shelves November 2007

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