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Tasty Nuggets of Creative Specialty Food Products

New Product Launches Addressing Healthy Eating Trends And Social Media In Food


Tasty Nuggets of Creative Specialty Food Products

The Daily Grommet

The Daily Grommet

By know you know I am a big fan of social media in food and this blog post will be the start of regular 'tid bits" of information on interesting new food products from food entrepreneurs. Hopefully this regular series will be of interest to those of you starting a specialty food business. Two of the 3 brands here are products from women food entrepreneurs.

My friends at The Daily Grommet have this great site and blog that they say "… we're creating a place for people who want their purchases to have meaning… we're rethinking the way people fundamentally launch, discover, share, influence and buy these kinds of products online. " They call it Citizen Commerce.

Product launch is challenging for the large brands as I have written in Most Memorable New Product Launches and exponentially more challenging for food entrepreneurs and those starting a specialty food business or starting an internet food business.

So here are 3 interesting brands that exhibit innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship (or as I say ICE ).

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