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Most Memorable New Product Launches Part 1

Pretzel M&M's


Most Memorable New Product Launches Part 1

M&M Pretzels

M&M Mars

Launched : April 2010

Overview : A crunchy pretzel inside milk chocolate inside a colorful candy shell. They are the latest addition to the M&M's line.

How did they do it?

One of the biggest product launches for M&M in a decade and M&M's Pretzel Candies are part of their new lineup capitalizing on the trend of products having attributes of "sweet and savory".

Social Media was a big factor in getting out the buzz.

They created a website http://us.mms.com/us/insidejokes/ that features a pretzel doing stand-up comedy.

They launched a YouTube Video for Pretzel M&Ms coupled with the American Idol 49 city tour and filmed it inside of a giant M&M in Herald Square, New York city.

They created an interactive map on Facebook so fans could see where they can buy Pretzel M&Ms. That not only helped get the product on the shelf but also helped get it into the consumer's hands. They used Twitter to interact with fans and solicit feedback and even now there is still a large presence regarding pretzel M&Ms on Twitter. Their Facebook page hit almost 1.5 million fans! On day one they had a plethora of interesting Twitter posts:

  • Finally got my hands on some pretzel M&M's. They are sold out everywhere. My expectations have never been higher
  • The new m&m's with the pretzel is sooooo GOOD!
  • I'm addicted to pretzel m&m's
  • I wish these Pretzel M&M's came in King Size...They are so good :-P'''''
  • there is a severe lack of pretzel M&M's in this office
  • I'm off to #BJs. For many things, but mostly for a giant box of pretzel M&M's. Gotta get this candy monkey off my back .

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