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Most Memorable New Product Launches Part 2

What New Foods Consumers Remember The Most


Most Memorable New Product Launches Part 2

The Top 10 Most Memorable New Product Launches Report from Schneider Associates

New Product Launches Report from Schneider Associates

This is part 2 featuring information from Julie Hall, Executive Vice President of Schneider Associates from their Most Memorable New Product Launches Report . Schneider Associates is an integrated marketing communications and public relations agency that launches and sustains products, services, companies and communities. Schneider Associates creates this report in cooperation with Sentient Decision Science, and The SymphonyIRI Group.

Julie said "Every year the Most Memorable New Product Launch survey teaches us about where our culture is headed. I think the results reveal that more consumers are seeking new technology to assist with our busy lives, plus quick and cost effective food indulgences give us all a chance to treat ourselves without breaking the bank."

So what is different about this research? We are inundated with new products introduced each year; even if you don't have access to research we all shop and see new products on the grocery shelves frequently. Most Memorable New Product Launches moves away from the dry statistics of new products in the market. It test for "does the consumer remember a new product" and that is critical whether it is a major national brand or a local/regional product. If the consumer does not remember, how will they buy it? I really like this because it shows all of you food entrepreneurs that creating a great tasting product won't matter if your consumer outreach fails to stick in the consumers mind.

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