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How to Make Social Media Work for Your Food Business

Why Should Food Entrepreneurs Embrace Social Media?


How to Make Social Media Work for Your Food Business

DJH Marketing David Hochman

DJH Marketing David Hochman

Before you embark on a Social Media initiative, it is imperative to define your Goals and Objectives

Defining Goals and Objectives is key for any aspect of your food business. It is critically important for social media since many businesses jump into this tactic since it appears to be the magic bullet of marketing success. It is pretty easy to set up a Facebook page or Twitter account. Once you have those, what will you expect as success outcomes?

Here are some key questions to consider:

What kind of user engagement/conversion(s) are you seeking? Are you supporting the retail channel in that they should they look for your product on store shelves OR do you want to convert them into a direct customer i.e. buy your food product direct from your ecommerce website? You can do both, but you should prioritize one or the other.

How will you ignite the dialogue and keep your influencers engaged beyond just marketing to them? Will you give stuff away for free? Invest in creating compelling content? You can do it all and you can always change it up anytime but again you should prioritize.

How, and how often, are you going to engage / respond to the user activity? Just because you don't have to pay every time you do something as with traditional PR and advertising doesn't mean you shouldn't develop a marketing calendar with careful consideration.

How do you measure success? Return on Investment (ROI) can and should be measured in other ways besides increases in revenue. Consider ROI in Social Media as such - even though social media, as a platform and series of channels, is inexpensive or free to host a presence, time and resources still carry fixed costs. To that end, if we enhance our presences or apply greater resources, the investment goes up exponentially. It comes down to the old adage, "time is money."

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